wire back to

wire back to (one)

To return something to one via telegraph or as a wire transfer. A noun or pronoun is used either before or after "back." We won't have phone or Internet services where we'll be, so we'll have to wire the information back to you. He has been wiring back part of his salary to his family in Juarez every month for nearly 20 years now.
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wire something back to someone

to send something, such as a reply or money, back to someone by telegram. Please wire your answer back to me by tomorrow. The reply wasn't wired back in time.
See also: back, to, wire
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"I arrived in Bahrain with around 1kg of Shabu and was received at the airport by the 37-year-old Bahraini, who took me to Juffair and gave me $2,000 as commission and BD1,000 to wire back to Ojay.
KPL cannot organise televised matches and still have nothing to wire back to the clubs.
Officers said he gave Dhs713,000 to a third suspect, also Algerian, to wire back to their home country.
Connect the rods together with 12-gauge high-voltage insulated wire, with another run of wire back to the ground terminal of your energizer.
When the wire warms up in the patient's mouth (37 [degrees] C or 98.6 [degrees] F), the directional bonds between atoms reform, pulling the wire back to its original shape.
First, rather than install a continuous ground wire back to the electrical panel, you can run one to a nearby cold-water pipe and bond it to the pipe with a special connector.