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Watson, who was at the lower end of the wire, in the basement, dropped the receiver and rushed with wild joy up three flights of stairs to tell the glad tidings to Bell.
As though the very stars in their courses were working for this young wizard with the talking wire, the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia opened its doors exactly two months after the telephone had learned to talk.
A wire had been strung from one end of the room to the other, and while Bell went to the transmitter, Dom Pedro took up the receiver and placed it to his ear.
He listened and learned what even he had not known before, that a solid metallic body could take up from the air all the countless varieties of vibrations produced by speech, and that these vibrations could be carried along a wire and reproduced exactly by a second metallic body.
Sir William Thomson and his wife ran back and forth between the two ends of the wire like a pair of delighted children.
Leaving me to go down to the cellar, he would rush wildly to the barn and begin to send me signals along his experimental wires.
Whether the wire could be made abundantly and cheaply remains uncertain.
The entire unit can be moved into or out of the wire on the run for more or less pulsative drainage.
For the past 3 months, wire safety experts from 17 different federal agencies, including NIST, analyzed government science and technology initiatives concerned with the issue of aging wiring.
According to reports, some foundries already have begun using small diameter (5-6 mm) Mg-containing cored wire as a magnesium addition to base iron.
More than 100 other aircraft wire fires, both on and off the ground, have occurred under circumstances that bear striking similarities, military records suggest, but hard evidence to link them to Kapton is lacking.
Physicists have observed an unexpected reversal of conductive behavior in ultracold, ultrathin zinc wires.