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Amazon has done well, but if we are to take the entire baby wipes universe and not just online retail, they're still a small brand compared to more established branded products," Uduslivaia says.
At WOW, he met with many wipes makers and brand owners to encourage them to comply with the industry Code of Practice, which has been a part of the flushability guidelines since 2008.
Millennials favor wipes that contain fewer chemicals and gentler cleansing agents, says Aileen Vitale, sales and marketing manager for Disposable Hygiene, LLC, Clifton, N.
If you're in the Wipes industry in Malaysia, our research will save you time and money while empowering you to make informed, profitable decisions.
TOILET TROUBLE The majority of wet wipes aren't biodegradable, meaning they can cause serious drainage problems if flushed down the loo.
If you're in the Wipes industry in Australia, our research will save you time and money while empowering you to make informed, profitable decisions.
These are formed by wet wipes and oil and grease that has been poured down the sink - and have been said to be as big as doubledecker buses and even jumbo jets.
Polyester Pinsonic 2-ply wipes 100 percent continuous filament polyester wipes deliver ultra-low particle generation, ideal for critical cleanroom environments.
Other developments that can provide wipes with better pick-up and retention of particles do away with microfibre entirely.
They're called Break Free wipes and are available on-line.
A few weeks ago, I asked one of the airline attendants if they wipe the screens down with some type of disinfectant.
The wipes are being launched next month under the newly-created Halo brand and meet a variety of needs, from household cleaning to personal care.
We recommend that the program include hand sanitizing wipes for employees at each checkout counter and for customers at the meat aisle and salad bar.
We applaud Gelson's and Albertsons for making disinfectant wipes available to customers to sanitize and clean shopping cart handles (as well as their hands, if desired, and even the front seat if a child will be sitting there) when they enter the supermarket.