wipe the floor with (someone)

wipe the floor with (someone)

To easily defeat an opponent. Although he wasn't favored to win the race, Jack really wiped the floor with his competition.
See also: floor, wipe

wipe the floor with someone

If you wipe the floor with someone, you prove that you are much better than they are at doing something, or you defeat them totally in a competition, fight, or argument. When you play against people whose technique is superior, they're going to wipe the floor with you. He wiped the floor with the Prime Minister on his first outing as opposition leader.
See also: floor, someone, wipe

wipe the floor with

inflict a humiliating defeat on. informal
See also: floor, wipe

wipe the ˈfloor with somebody

(informal) defeat somebody completely and easily in an argument, competition, etc: They started arguing about the education reforms, and she wiped the floor with him.Italy wiped the floor with Austria, beating them 5-0.
See also: floor, somebody, wipe
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