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Wipe off any sand around the earthmover's filler cap before removing it to add hydraulic fluid.
While the pad is on the nipple, its contents will not wipe off onto clothing nor will the pad stick to sore nipples.
Being careful to keep your hands away from the pinion gears, rotate the turret in small increments as you wipe off the old oil from the azimuth drive pinion gears.
Use a diluted bleach solution to periodically wipe off potentially contaminated surfaces.
Wipe off their paws as these mixtures could be irritating to the pet or cause illness if the pet licks its paws.
When it's time to travel, wipe off any sand from them before you hook up.
Wipe off all lube from the outside of the bipod in the desert.
Then wipe off the excess to keep from attracting sand and dirt.
Wipe off any FRH with a rag and dispose of it properly.
During scheduled services, lube all fittings and wipe off any excess that gets squeezed out.