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wipe someone or something (off) (with something)

to clean someone or something by wiping with something. Tony wiped the baby off with a soft cloth. Jane wiped off the counter with a rag. Tom fell in the mud and asked Ralph to wipe him off.

wipe something (off) (on something)

to remove something by wiping it on something else. Don't wipe your feet off on the carpet. Don't wipe off your feet on the carpet, wipe them on the mat.


n. a murder; a killing. (see also wipe out.) The victim of the latest mob wipe was hauled out of the river this morning.
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TOILET TROUBLE The majority of wet wipes aren't biodegradable, meaning they can cause serious drainage problems if flushed down the loo.
While active product development certainly supports the increased use of baby wipes, their relatively affordable prices also play a role in wider consumer acceptance.
Polyester Pinsonic 2-ply wipes 100 percent continuous filament polyester wipes deliver ultra-low particle generation, ideal for critical cleanroom environments.
The alcohol-based solutions come in both convenient small bottles and throw-away wipes, so keep some handy in your bag or pocket.
Demand for substrates used in wipes is projected to increase 5.
According to Jacinta Hannigan, Blackfriar's marketing manager, a blend of traditional sugar soap and other powerful cleaning agents impregnated in the wipe make for quick and easy preparation--a key element in painting.
However, the wipes in question are often owned by the same pharmaceutical giants whose aim is to squeeze as much money out of us as possible.
para]]Another development helping to expand sales of wipes is the recently modified EPA Wiper Rule.
Remove curtains and wash; take draperies to the dry cleaner and either remove mini-blinds and wash in the shower, or wipe off each slat with a damp cloth.
The concept is not entirely new, as a similar microwave wipe was marketed in Japan a couple of years ago by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
Diamond Wipes International (DWI) is a disposable towelette/wet wipe manufacturer and contract packaging specialist, offering both stock products and custom solutions for a wide range of clients, including many well-recognized consumer brands.
They are part of the new professional grade wipe portfolio Diamond Wipes has introduced in 2014.
In my experience, caregivers can more easily remove plaque from a child's front teeth with a wipe than with a brush.
launches MediaTools Wipe - A professional computer wiping tool designed for complete and secure data deletion.