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wipe someone or something (off) (with something)

to clean someone or something by wiping with something. Tony wiped the baby off with a soft cloth. Jane wiped off the counter with a rag. Tom fell in the mud and asked Ralph to wipe him off.

wipe something (off) (on something)

to remove something by wiping it on something else. Don't wipe your feet off on the carpet. Don't wipe off your feet on the carpet, wipe them on the mat.


n. a murder; a killing. (see also wipe out.) The victim of the latest mob wipe was hauled out of the river this morning.
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Lucienne DePonte, senior category director for Nice Pak Products, Orangeburg, N.Y., agrees that "millennials take a minimalist approach to the products they use." They want to know what's in consumable products, including wet wipes, and prefer those that contain natural ingredients to the largest extent possible.
SHORE PROBLEMS As well as blocking up sewage systems, wipes have been washing up on our beaches at an alarming rate.
Wipe technology does not stand still, and different products are always likely to be more suited to some applications than to others.
ONE of the best-kept secrets of the female world is the use of baby wipes to remove make-up.
Don't miss the chance to promote novel wipe usage occasions such as shower replacement.
All suppliers recorded growth in 2014 mainly because the wipes market was still in a building phase.
Solugen ultimately teamed up with a company that makes PLA to create the world's first wipe made completely with plant starch; the PLA-based wipe material is 100% biodegradable and compostable, and the peroxide solution on the wipe is also derived from plant starch.
Pampers wipes are placed next to the company's diapers, as a way to encourage impulse purchases.
WATER worker Chris Hepple has set about calculating the impact of the tidal waves of wet wipes being flushed down toilets in the North East.
M2 PHARMA-July 11, 2018-Hero Wipes closes acquisition of Rescue Wipes
With a 70 per cent market share, EWW manufactures wipes for top brands in the region as OEM basis.
Homecare Essentials floor wipes If you have wooden floors, you probably know just how difficult it can be to keep them dirt-free with a shine.
Wipes are individually wrapped, thick and soft with a mild fruity smell.
NEW YORK -- The increasingly diverse uses that Americans are finding for wipes offer growth opportunities for retailers' private label offerings.