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Amazon has done well, but if we are to take the entire baby wipes universe and not just online retail, they're still a small brand compared to more established branded products," Uduslivaia says.
When manufacturers are not involved in the marketing of flushable wipes, they pay less attention (to our efforts) than they should.
It's across the board, whether you're talking about facial wipes or household cleaning wipes, millennials and increasingly other consumers don't want to see certain chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, chlorine and alcohol," she notes.
SHORE PROBLEMS As well as blocking up sewage systems, wipes have been washing up on our beaches at an alarming rate.
The wipe was then removed and transferred to ajar with clean de-ionised water where the particle count had already been measured.
The no-rinse formula in the wipe leaves a finish that is ready for painting, with excellent adhesion as soon as the area is dry," she said, adding that the wipes are ideal for tackling smaller jobs such as doors, window panels and frames and radiators.
found that the premoistened wipes market has grown at a compound rate of 24% since 1997.
However, the wipes in question are often owned by the same pharmaceutical giants whose aim is to squeeze as much money out of us as possible.
Wipes for unique applications from cleaning string musical instruments to providing pain relief from insect bites and removing makeup are in the running for this year's World of Wipes Innovation Award.
Do consider consumers' desire for "greener" wet wipe formulations.
Replace bulbs and batteries, and wipe the blades and chandelier crystals.
Tough interlocking knitted construction further enhances the cleanliness of this wipe.
We always knew we would get the 'closet wipe guys' to switch over to Dude Wipes, which we have, but what has also been great is that guys who never thought to use wipes in this way are getting on board too.