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(as) sharp as a whip

Very intelligent, clever, or quick-thinking. (A common but incorrect combination of the two phrases "sharp as a tack" and "smart as a whip.") Ted's as sharp as a whip, so he'll find a solution to this problem. Of course Ellen is our valedictorian—she's as sharp as a whip.
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(as) smart as a whip

Very intelligent, clever, or quick-thinking. Ted's as smart as a whip, so he'll find a solution to this problem. Of course Ellen is our valedictorian—she's as smart as a whip.
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The whimsy of some of WiP's public actions, its "peacepolitics" and youthful profile (most WiPers are not old enough to have participated fully in Solidarity) tempt one to make comparisons with the Vietnam War-era protests in the United States.
pe deficiency of micronutrients (sulphur iron and zinc) is wide spread in many parts of pe country due to cultivation of high yielding varieties intensive agriculture and increased use of sulphur free fertilizers in large quantities wip continuous decrease in pe use of organic manures which necessitates pe rational application of pese elements as pey have becoming limiting factors for obtaining higher yields of several crops.
The dependent variables are the TH and the CT, while the independent variable is the WIP level both times.
"WiP works hard to support senior management with their career progression and to help less experienced members realise their potential."
pe unfilled and filled composites have been made wip equal proportion of resin and hardener.
The sale of the 729,000 s/f facility, which WIP acquired in February 2012, comes on the heels of a $4 million capital improvement program that included the addition of 36 new loading dock positions, T-5 lighting and new HVAC and sprinkler systems.
Tell us your views on Feedback at: ecletters@walesonline.co.uk HOW WIP HAS MADE AN IMPACT ELSEWHERE Controversial Withdrawal of Implied Permission (WIP) orders were first pioneered last year at Euston Station in London and later at the city's Victoria station.
THE South Wales branch of Women in Property (WiP) has appointed Helen James as its new branch chairman.
Indian President Pranab Mukherjee used via video conferencing from Mumbai to help dedicate a new waste immobilization plant (WIP) to manage nuclear material at Kalpakkam.
The Women in Parliaments (WIP) Global Forum award is in recognition of UAE's efforts to advance women and promote gender equality.
| BRUSSELS, Nov 27 (KUNA) -- The Women in Parliaments (WIP) Global Forum kicked off in the European Parliament here Wednesday afternoon with the participation of high-profile politicians and activists from around the world to discuss global issues from the perspective of female political leaders.
* Opening WIP: 800kg ([pounds sterling]1,080, 100 per cent complete), plus mixing work ([pounds sterling]200, 50 per cent complete), making a total value of [pounds sterling]1,280.
Clare Danahay, WiP branch chairman, said: "The students are put through their paces describing to the judges a piece of course work they've been working on, plus they need to be pretty well informed on the industry, too.
In other news, Iroquois Gas Transmission System, in conjunction with Constitution Pipeline will pursue development of the Wright Interconnect Project (WIP), an expansion of its existing compression and metering facilities in Wright, NY.