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On the other hand, I saw a Frenchman first win, and then lose,
And even if you were to WIN much I should be compromised," he added in a meaning sort of way.
Then he must rise and challenge all or any to come forward and do battle with him to win the axe and become chief in his place.
If perchance I should be there," he said, "and if perchance I should win the iron chieftainess, the axe Groan-Maker, and rule over the People of the Axe, you should not live far from the shadow of the axe thenceforward, maid Zinita.
If Rob had been grimly resolved to win the arrow before, the sight of her sweet face multiplied his determination an hundredfold.
The first three archers again struck true, amid the loud applause of the onlookers; for they were general favorites and expected to win.
Here I will stay awhile, and try to win by kindly deeds the flowers' forgiveness for the pain and sorrow I brought them long ago; and they may learn to love and trust me.
He knew that Gossett would win the necessary ten holes off the reel.
I know naught of Helium and O-Tar is our warlord," replied E-Med; "but I do know that I would examine more closely the prize that I shall play for and win.
Then, if it didn't win the prize, you'd never know and you wouldn't feel badly over it, because the stories that failed were not to be returned, and if it did you'd have such a delightful surprise.
He meant to belong to it, for her sake - to win her
I think your mother does not like me, but I can win her around.
Anne no longer wished to win for the sake of defeating Gilbert; rather, for the proud consciousness of a well-won victory over a worthy foeman.
Directly any higher order were invented, he would win it.
I thought,' sneered the dwarf, 'that if a man played long enough he was sure to win at last, or, at the worst, not to come off a loser.