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winnow away

1. To remove some material, such as chaff, from grain by means of a current of air: Modern machines can winnow away all the chaff very efficiently. The farmers winnow the chaff away by flinging the grain into the air with a large blanket.
2. To get rid of some unfit or undesirable part; eliminate something or someone: The process will winnow away the weakest candidates. The editor winnowed most of the errors away.
3. To reduce some group by separating or eliminating the unfit or undesirable part: The process winnowed away the field of candidates.
4. To remove some material from a mixture by means of a current of air or water: The wind has winnowed away the sand from the soil. Water currents pick up mud from the riverbank and winnow it away, exposing the rock.
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winnow out

1. To separate some material, such as chaff, from grain by means of a current of air: The farmer winnows out the chaff with a machine. There is always some debris in the harvest, but we winnow it out.
2. To separate or get rid of some unfit or undesirable part; eliminate something or someone: The lions tend to winnow out the sick antelope. The political process will winnow the weakest candidates out.
3. To sort or select some fit or desirable part; extract someone or something: We winnowed out the top candidates from the rest and interviewed them. There are only a few good pieces of wood in this shipment, and it will take a long time to winnow them out.
4. To rid some group of unfit or undesirable members: The test winnowed out the applicant pool.
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The superintendent said he would urge that the 13 programs be winnowed to three.
Initial rankings include 205 top medical centers, winnowed from 6,045, in 17 specialties.
That list of finalists was further winnowed to a select number of national award winners.
This summer 460 nominations received from 59 nations were winnowed to 25 Laureates who will be feted on November 7 at a black-tie gala and introduced the following day to Silicon Valley luminaries and global leaders.
What I know of these promotions suggests that the actual field of finalists is typically winnowed down to everyone who has ever gotten on any mailing list for any reason.
Winnowed from among 1,000 applicants across the country, 11-19 White House Fellows are selected annually on the basis of their early-career professional, academic and leadership achievement.
The jury pool just gets winnowed down for these longer trials.
The corrections of the last few quarters have winnowed the industry to solution and service providers that deliver scalable applications and services, measurable value, clear monetization and an ROI that is benefit-driven and revenue-driven.
A four-member citizens group winnowed the applicants down to 25 candidates.
DataCore was selected from a roster of five finalists in the software category, winnowed down from 30 nominations.
The school board winnowed the field of applicants and has visited the district of their top finalist - whose name hasn't been made public.
As mainstream radio has winnowed play lists limited to slick teen acts, television commercials now blast underground electronic dance music and alt rock.
He said Kemp had not moved into the ``top tier'' of candidates, winnowed down from an initial 25 in April, until Friday.
We finally winnowed down the selections by looking for products that represented more than a simple incremental change in a technology or product sector.
5 to 2 mm, winnowed on site and reduced to about 1 kg.