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winnow away

1. To remove some material, such as chaff, from grain by means of a current of air: Modern machines can winnow away all the chaff very efficiently. The farmers winnow the chaff away by flinging the grain into the air with a large blanket.
2. To get rid of some unfit or undesirable part; eliminate something or someone: The process will winnow away the weakest candidates. The editor winnowed most of the errors away.
3. To reduce some group by separating or eliminating the unfit or undesirable part: The process winnowed away the field of candidates.
4. To remove some material from a mixture by means of a current of air or water: The wind has winnowed away the sand from the soil. Water currents pick up mud from the riverbank and winnow it away, exposing the rock.
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winnow out

1. To separate some material, such as chaff, from grain by means of a current of air: The farmer winnows out the chaff with a machine. There is always some debris in the harvest, but we winnow it out.
2. To separate or get rid of some unfit or undesirable part; eliminate something or someone: The lions tend to winnow out the sick antelope. The political process will winnow the weakest candidates out.
3. To sort or select some fit or desirable part; extract someone or something: We winnowed out the top candidates from the rest and interviewed them. There are only a few good pieces of wood in this shipment, and it will take a long time to winnow them out.
4. To rid some group of unfit or undesirable members: The test winnowed out the applicant pool.
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Winnow to make painful compromises, the health care team must also be willing to make uncomfortable concessions.
Winnow a burn victim, it would be easier to make the case that her "screams, cries, and pleas to let her die" will, in the foreseeable future, be replaced with sighs of relief that the worst part of the road to recovery has been traveled.
Winnow from having to be admitted to a skilled nursing facility at the age of forty-five?
Winnow became an official ethics problem only when she refused treatment in a hospital environment.
Winnow as in the past, but hope that one of her organs starts to fail so that she can refuse treatment for the failing organ.
Winnow with enough barbiturates to render her unconscious and unable to eat or drink--may be the last resort, but only if she truly consents to sleeping through her final days; and, I suspect, only if her caregivers convince themselves that "heavy sedation" (sometimes referred to as "terminal sedation") is within the confines of accepted ethics, and that relieving suffering and easing death sometimes become one.
Winnow is "living," for year after year, is frightful.
Winnows refusal would mean that nurses would assault the patient "for her own good" through screams of pain-cold comfort for both patient and nurse.
The lead in a new, experimental musical, Winnow Winds, in Martinsburg, W.
CBS will accept applications for the show through April 13 and winnow the group to 800 people who will be invited to come in for auditions at their own expense.
Thursday, July 15 at Winnows Hill, Blanchland, DH8 9PQ.
Then you set separate vocabulary levels for both of you, which winnows down the fare to perhaps a few dozen sites.
While one could hardly characterize coal as a sexy mineral, as deregulation of the utilities looms larger and consolidation among the big coal producers winnows the number of players down to a manageable five or six, coal may be getting sexier as an investment.
Sur's youthful enthusiasm constantly creates elaborate routines; Roca's stabilizing sense of realism winnows out the impractical.
From that large group, of course, he further sifts and winnows until he has his select list of winners, which Fried then apportions into his various portfolios, depending on the personality and goal of each portfolio.