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win (something) in a walk

To win (something) easily, handily, or without much or any effort. Enjoying the benefit of a week off between games, the home team won this match in a walk.
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winning ways

One's charming, endearing, or likeable personality or demeanor. It wasn't hard for me to spot Kelly's winning ways immediately—she has been bubbly and upbeat since the moment we met.
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win one for the Gipper

To do something in honor of someone else. This set phrase refers to celebrated Notre Dame football player George Gipp ("the Gipper"). Several years after Gipp's death at age 25, Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne urged his team to "win one for the Gipper." Let's work hard to meet the last sales goal before Jim retires—let's win one for the Gipper!
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A jubilant exclamation that can be spoken, written, or used as a hashtag. It is often used to humorously highlight minor successes but can be used ironically to point out failures. The baby slept for five hours straight last night—winning! Winning: when the boss doesn't see you slip into your office 10 minutes late. Spilled coffee all over myself this morning! #winning

win (something) hands down

To defeat or best someone easily or decisively. We were really unprepared for our last game, and the other team won hands down.
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win the day

To have success. It sounds like your presentation to the committee won the day—well done.
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winning streak

A series of consecutive successes, a run of good luck, as in Our son-in-law has been on a winning streak with his investments. This expression comes from gambling. [Mid-1900s]
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money, winning, etc. isn’t ˈeverything

money, etc. is not the most important thing: Work isn’t everything. You must learn to relax a bit more.
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win the day

To be successful.
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