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win (something) in a walk

To win (something) easily, handily, or without much or any effort. Enjoying the benefit of a week off between games, the home team won this match in a walk.
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winning ways

One's charming, endearing, or likeable personality or demeanor. It wasn't hard for me to spot Kelly's winning ways immediately—she has been bubbly and upbeat since the moment we met.
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win one for the Gipper

To do something in honor of someone else. This set phrase refers to celebrated Notre Dame football player George Gipp ("the Gipper"). Several years after Gipp's death at age 25, Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne urged his team to "win one for the Gipper." Let's work hard to meet the last sales goal before Jim retires—let's win one for the Gipper!
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A jubilant exclamation that can be spoken, written, or used as a hashtag. It is often used to humorously highlight minor successes but can be used ironically to point out failures. The baby slept for five hours straight last night—winning! Winning: when the boss doesn't see you slip into your office 10 minutes late. Spilled coffee all over myself this morning! #winning

win (something) hands down

To defeat or best someone easily or decisively. We were really unprepared for our last game, and the other team won hands down.
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win the day

To have success. It sounds like your presentation to the committee won the day—well done.
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winning streak

A series of consecutive successes, a run of good luck, as in Our son-in-law has been on a winning streak with his investments. This expression comes from gambling. [Mid-1900s]
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money, winning, etc. isn’t ˈeverything

money, etc. is not the most important thing: Work isn’t everything. You must learn to relax a bit more.
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win the day

To be successful.
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Offering country bumpkin comic relief is Vernon, the town "constable," cabdriver, and all-around local eccentric, winningly played by Billy Bolster as if he were Bob Newhart channeling Gomer Pyle.
Dudley and this week we'll discover which of the three finalists managed to winningly tantalise the judges' tastebuds.
Singer and guitarist Scott Rinning has a capable and assured way in front of an audience, at once confident in his band's abilities but also winningly grateful to their growing band of fans.
Regardless of whether the names of Nicolas Gombert and Jean Richafort are as shrouded in obscurity as the producers of this recording believe, new recordings of their music are always welcome, especially when they are sung and recorded as winningly as they are here.
In an age when protest marches must have permits and are corralled into warrens of secure space and when much of civic life takes place in carefully scripted and architecturally overdetermined ersatz public spaces such as shopping malls, there is something winningly subversive in the idea of the unannounced, spontaneous gathering for no apparent purpose.
Sit back, enjoy and raise your glass to celebrate tradition winningly.
Draper's Double Dutch winningly captures middle-school student's anxieties, replete with peer pressures, dealing with bullies, and their desire to belong.
Drew Barrymore, who ages convincingly from 15 to 35, makes Bev the kind of girl you can't decide whether to hug or slap and what's interesting is the way sympathy shifts from Bev to her son - played winningly by Logan and Cody Arens and later by Adam Garcia.
Why we care: Openly gay theater director Daldry sets our toes to tapping as Billy, played winningly by an exuberant Jamie Bell, dances through the streets of Durham in northern England like a pint-size Gene Kelly.
Uvarov and the winningly boyish Sergei Filin managed the difficult steps
As Christy's obsession with the former owners grows, the back story of what really happened, is told by the glamorous Amber Fraser - a winningly amoral creation with a devastating turn of phrase.
If the swagger required for the part was sometimes a little muted and the chemistry a little less than obvious between him and Baby (played winningly by Roseanna frascona) then it was more than made up for by his dancing.
In an inspired touch the composer used the first violin, winningly played by the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra's guest leader Cristinel Bacanu, to duet with the baritone.
Meg Ryan is suitably distracted in Nora Ephron's astute romantic comedy, winningly played and bearably cute.