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be onto a winner

To be progressing in a way that is likely to succeed. I think we're onto a winner with this new environmental initiative—the whole company has really embraced it. After all of those failed experiments, our team is finally onto a winner now.
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pick a winner

To choose someone or something that is very likely to prove beneficial, suitable, or successful. The reason why third party candidates don't usually get a lot of traction is because people want to pick a winner—not just make some kind of statement. Samantha is so warm and intelligent, and it's clear that she cares about you a lot. You really picked a winner, Joe. The design is clean and practical, but still elegant and appealing—I think we picked a winner!
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sound like a (real) winner

1. Of a plan or idea, to seem acceptable or ideal. Sometimes used sarcastically to imply the opposite. The board of directors agrees with me that your proposal sounds like a real winner, so we are prepared to move forward with it right away. A: "Did you hear about Sarah's boneheaded plan?" B: "Yeah, it sounds like a real winner, huh? What on earth is she thinking?"
2. Of a person, to seem very well suited (to someone) in a romantic capacity. Sometimes used sarcastically to imply the opposite. A: "She just got a job with a big financial firm, she writes poetry in her spare time, and she loves anime." B: "Wow, dude, she sounds like a winner! You must be elated!" A: "Jenny's new boyfriend is an ex-con and apparently has a pretty bad drinking problem." B: "Huh. Sounds like a real winner, then."
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winner take all

A competition in which the victor is granted all possible benefits, accolades, prizes, etc. Hyphenated if used before a noun as a modifier. How about one last round of darts, winner take all? My sister and I used to bet our Halloween candy on our report card grades, winner take all. The tournament concludes with a winner-take-all round between the four finalists.
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winner takes all

A competition in which the victor is granted all possible prizes. I know we've been playing darts all night, but this will be the last round, winner takes all! My sister and I used to bet our Halloween candy on our report card grades, winner takes all.
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winner take all

a situation where the one who defeats others takes all the spoils of the conflict. The contest was a case of winner take all. There was no second place or runner-up.
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pick a ˈwinner

1 choose a horse, etc. that you think is most likely to win a race
2 (informal) make a very good choice: Good choice, George. I think you’ve picked a winner there!
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be onto a ˈwinner

(informal) be doing something, especially selling something, that is likely to be successful: He is the sole importer of this product, and he certainly thinks he’s onto a winner.
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Sounds like a winner!

sent. It sounds acceptable. Sounds like a winner! Let’s do it!
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n. an excellent person or thing. This one is a real winner.
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At Ruiru: May Monthky Mug May Mug winner: Paul Mburu 66 nett, Men winner: John M Mwangi, 67 nett, Anthony Kamau 67, Lady winner: Irene Wamoro 72, Ruth G Kamau 73, Veronica Mwaura 73, Nines Mwaura Kairu 31, E N ndungu 33 nett, Guest winner: James Kusewa 76 nett.
WINNER: Field Residences Buildings 5 and 6 by SM Development Corporation
BON ACCORD LADIES PAIRS - WINNERS: Lorraine Hyde/ Caroline Shearer (Kings Bar B), R/up Angela Thomson / Sharon Leslie (Highway/ Kings Bar B) DIVISION 3 SINGLES - WINNER: Sheila Patrick (Dee Swimming Club), R/up Andrea Waller (524 Bar).
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The concluding day of group action is Thursday, 10 when Group four plays out with Murphy, winner of the World Grand Prix taking on the China Championship winner followed by China Open and European Masters victor Judd Trump against Indian Open champion Anthony McGill.
Winners don't whine when things don't go their way.
Winner: 24th MI Bn, 66th MI Bde, Wiesbaden, Germany (INSCOM)
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