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winner takes all

A competition in which the victor is granted all possible prizes. I know we've been playing darts all night, but this will be the last round, winner takes all! My sister and I used to bet our Halloween candy on our report card grades, winner takes all.
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be onto a winner

To be progressing in a way that is likely to succeed. I think we're onto a winner with this new environmental initiative—the whole company has really embraced it. After all of those failed experiments, our team is finally onto a winner now.
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pick a winner

To choose someone or something that is very likely to prove beneficial, suitable, or successful. The reason why third party candidates don't usually get a lot of traction is because people want to pick a winner—not just make some kind of statement. Samantha is so warm and intelligent, and it's clear that she cares about you a lot. You really picked a winner, Joe. The design is clean and practical, but still elegant and appealing—I think we picked a winner!
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sound like a (real) winner

1. Of a plan or idea, to seem acceptable or ideal. Sometimes used sarcastically to imply the opposite. The board of directors agrees with me that your proposal sounds like a real winner, so we are prepared to move forward with it right away. A: "Did you hear about Sarah's boneheaded plan?" B: "Yeah, it sounds like a real winner, huh? What on earth is she thinking?"
2. Of a person, to seem very well suited (to someone) in a romantic capacity. Sometimes used sarcastically to imply the opposite. A: "She just got a job with a big financial firm, she writes poetry in her spare time, and she loves anime." B: "Wow, dude, she sounds like a winner! You must be elated!" A: "Jenny's new boyfriend is an ex-con and apparently has a pretty bad drinking problem." B: "Huh. Sounds like a real winner, then."
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winner take all

a situation where the one who defeats others takes all the spoils of the conflict. The contest was a case of winner take all. There was no second place or runner-up.
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pick a ˈwinner

1 choose a horse, etc. that you think is most likely to win a race
2 (informal) make a very good choice: Good choice, George. I think you’ve picked a winner there!
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be onto a ˈwinner

(informal) be doing something, especially selling something, that is likely to be successful: He is the sole importer of this product, and he certainly thinks he’s onto a winner.
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Sounds like a winner!

sent. It sounds acceptable. Sounds like a winner! Let’s do it!
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n. an excellent person or thing. This one is a real winner.
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