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winner takes all

A competition in which the victor is granted all possible prizes. I know we've been playing darts all night, but this will be the last round, winner takes all! My sister and I used to bet our Halloween candy on our report card grades, winner takes all.
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be onto a winner

To be progressing in a way that is likely to succeed. I think we're onto a winner with this new environmental initiative—the whole company has really embraced it. After all of those failed experiments, our team is finally onto a winner now.
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winner take all

a situation where the one who defeats others takes all the spoils of the conflict. The contest was a case of winner take all. There was no second place or runner-up.
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pick a ˈwinner

1 choose a horse, etc. that you think is most likely to win a race
2 (informal) make a very good choice: Good choice, George. I think you’ve picked a winner there!
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be onto a ˈwinner

(informal) be doing something, especially selling something, that is likely to be successful: He is the sole importer of this product, and he certainly thinks he’s onto a winner.
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Sounds like a winner!

sent. It sounds acceptable. Sounds like a winner! Let’s do it!
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n. an excellent person or thing. This one is a real winner.
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Winner of CR Belouizdad (Algeria) v Djoliba (Mali) against the winner of Primeiro Agosto (Angola) v Ittihad (Libya).
The 2002-03 winner, Heather O'Reilly of East Brunswick (NJ), leads an alumni contingent currently representing the United States in international competition.
Linnaea Brophy, was the winner of the MTNA Junior String Competition, sponsored by Yamaha Corporation of America--Orchestral Strings Department.
Remember the names Castellano (rider of 2004 Breeders' Cup Classic winner Ghostzapper), Rose (the 2001 Eclipse Award winner for apprentice jockeys) and Dominguez (the national leader in wins in 2001 and 2003).
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The winners, ages 7 to 19, came from around Southern California to compete at a chance to win hundreds of dollars in scholarship prizes and to perform pieces solo or with the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra at LPAC Feb.
Matt Schnarr, center, winner of the MTNA Junior High School Brass Competition, sponsored by The Selmer Company, is shown with Gary Hopkins, left, representing The Selmer Company.
Winner will continue to vigorously protect its trade dress, trademarks and patents throughout the world in order to protect consumers from counterfeit and inferior products," added Winner.
7 Cosmos - Three stems: 2nd Winner Nabeela Al Awadhi
If you entered, but didn't win an award, you're still a winner.
Alidiva Chief Singer - Alligatrix, 22-y-o Listed winner; dam of Group 1 winners Taipan (c Last Tycoon), Ali-Royal (c Royal Academy) and Sleepytime (f Royal Academy), and Grade 2 winner Oonagh Maccool (f Giant's Causeway).
The overall male winner of the 5K race was Jeff Nelson with a time of 17 minutes and 31 seconds.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Winner International today announced it filed on Oct.