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An agency will be roped in to shortlist a list of winnable candidates
CDC's new prioritization of 'six winnable battles' once again demonstrates their poor track record towards achieving health equity for all Americans.
A Conservative source said: "One problem is that a lot of the very winnable seats had very valid prior claims on them, so it was more difficult to get women selected.
Proponents of the religious display, which include San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, have argued that giving ownership of the cross to the federal government might make the legal battle winnable.
Americans are solidly behind the effort to lift the ban, and it is perhaps the most winnable struggle our community is currently waging.
The fact is; there are only so many winnable points in any negotiation, so it's important to choose your battles, and just as important to time your battles, carefully.
The closeness of the CAFTA battle shows that the battle to defeat the FTAA is winnable.
Epstein, author of "Why We Are Still Losing the Winnable Cancer War" (in the January/ February 2005 Humanist), was honored on June 10 by the Albert Schweitzer World Academy of Medicine with the 2005 Albert Schweitzer Golden Grand Medal for Humanitarianism, the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa in Humanities, and honorary membership in the Polish Academy of Medicine "for his longstanding and pioneering international contributions to cancer prevention.
He paused again and then said: "At the end of the day, Ohio was winnable.
In an industry now devoid of 'strategic slack" (companies with a legitimate chance to succeed even without a winnable business strategy), these are your business' only two viable options.
Johnson admitted that he didn't think the war was winnable.
His own political instincts told him that the election was winnable with enough political consultancy and a dreadful enough alternative (which the communists were obliging enough to provide in Gennady Zyuganov).
adults trying to lose weight or 36% trying to maintain the same weight, dieticians are your allies in a very winnable war.
The war against Parkinson's is a winnable war," Fox told Congress.