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Gandhi was seen winking during the high-pitched debate on Rafale fighter deal when AIADMK leader M Thambidurai was making his point.
However, a romantic gesture like winking was in her blood, she said in lighter vein at the Indian Social and Cultural Centre (ISC) here on Saturday in the event organised by Medeor 24X7 Hospital.
Winking has entered into cooperation with tens of globally leading game developers in Asia, Europe and North America, including Gamania Digital Entertainment Ltd., SEGA Taiwan and The9 Ltd.
Looking back at 30 years of the cult magazine i-D, designer Pam Hogg is still taken aback at her membership of one of fashion's most elite clubs - its winking cover girl.
Everything is done by winking. The Americans demand a freeze of the settlements -- and wink.
But if a player catches the lonely ghost winking at someone else, that player wins the game.
Information on the educational backgrounds of supported employment personnel, while limited, provides insights into both the qualifications of those currently providing services and the need for relevant and immediate training activities (Renzaglia & Everson, 1990; Winking et al., 1989).
"Rahul Gandhi who does not have substance or the understanding of issues related to the people of India had to resort to hugging the Prime Minister in the temple of democracy and then winking like a loafer.
Suggestive winking was generally used to snare a date in lower social circles in the past.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 23 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Goa spokesperson Dattaprasad Naik on Monday came down heavily on Congress president Rahul Gandhi by describing him a `loafer` for winking in Parliament.
"I started winking out of nervousness, and couldn't stop," he said.
Hundreds are queueing to see the winking Jesus, some calling it a miracle
SNOOKER star Ronnie O'Sullivan saw his drink-drive case descend into farce yesterday - when a magistrate was accused of winking at a reporter and making anti-gay remarks.
However, drawing a positive picture of the feature, Google said that the feature begins with pictures, but its future use could include stuff like winking at the cab's meter to pay the fare or winking at a pair of shoes and getting the perfect size delievered at one's doorstep, hands-free and no-fuss, Mashable reports.
"I understand it, but I never wanted to f*** up a situation by winking at the camera at the wrong moment because it takes the drama out of the situation," the Sun quoted him as saying.