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wink at (someone or something)

1. To close a single eyelid very quickly and briefly while looking at someone in order to communicate a subtle message, signal, or suggestion, especially in a friendly, flirtatious, or conspiratorial manner. I winked knowingly at Tom when the teacher mentioned that someone had played a prank on the principal. The woman sitting at the bar winked at me when the waiter delivered the drink that she had sent over to me.
2. To deliberately ignore, pretend not to notice, or overlook something, especially a fault or wrongdoing. For many years, the government has winked at the corrupt actions of corporations. I know many of my colleagues on the police force tend to wink at minor infractions, but I do not share their nonchalant attitude.
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wink at someone

to close one eye at a person as a sign of friendliness or flirtation. She winked at him and he was shocked. I hope she winks at me again.
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wink at something

to pretend not to see something; to condone something wrong. (See also blink at something {2}.) The police officer winked at my failure to make a complete stop. I cannot wink at blatant infractions of the law!
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wink at

Deliberately overlook, pretend not to see, as in Sometimes it's wise to wink at a friend's shortcomings. This idiom, first recorded in 1537, uses wink in the sense of "close one's eyes."
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wink at

1. To close and open the eyelid of one eye deliberately in order to convey a message, signal, or suggestion to someone: I knew she liked me when she winked at me.
2. To pretend not to see something; ignore something: The monarchy winked at corruption in the ministry.
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"There is no way I would wink at that minister on anything.
He suddenly said: "Excuse me sir - did I see you wink at the press?
Denying the charge, Alf Garnet-lookalike Rolstone blasted back: "Why would I wink at somebody?