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to windward of (something)

obsolete To or into a more advantageous position in respect of something or some situation. An allusion to sailing (in which it is still used literally), in which it is most advantageous to be on or toward the side from which the wind is blowing. The company's many lawyers have ensured that it remains to windward of the new tax laws.
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to windward

Toward an advantageous position, as in We were hoping to get to windward of the situation. This expression transfers the nautical meaning of the phrase, "move in the direction from which the wind blows," to other kinds of undertaking. Its figurative use dates from the late 1700s.
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to windward of

in an advantageous position in relation to. dated
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to windward

Into or to an advantageous posture or position.
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SAN FRANCISCO -- The Charles Schwab Corporation today announced the completion of its acquisition of Windward Investment Management, Inc.
85 million has been received, with the remaining amount to be subscribed for at the election of Windward as the Perth Direct Nickel (DNi) Process demonstration plant moves ahead.
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It rests on the shoulders of the UK and EU public to choose Windward bananas," said Dr Stange.
Windward will be paid a monthly retainer of US$5,000, plus approved expenses.
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Paraclete clinched its second consecutive league title Tuesday with a win over Windward.
Windward will receive a monthly retainer of US$4,000, plus approved expenses.
Sainsbury has traditional links with the Windward Islands, a part of the Caribbean that is home to thousands of the world's banana producers.
Windward 76, Oaks Christian 70: Second-seeded Oaks Christian of Westlake Village overcame a possible first quarter blowout, but fell short in the final minutes to third-seeded Windward of Los Angeles in a semifinal game at Newbury Park High.
IdentityTruth, the leading provider of a new breed of services to help consumers safeguard their Privacy and Identity, today announced that it was chosen by Windward Petroleum to offer its employees comprehensive identity management services.
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