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to windward

Toward an advantageous position, as in We were hoping to get to windward of the situation. This expression transfers the nautical meaning of the phrase, "move in the direction from which the wind blows," to other kinds of undertaking. Its figurative use dates from the late 1700s.
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to windward of

in an advantageous position in relation to. dated
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to windward

Into or to an advantageous posture or position.
See also: windward
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Windward Fairways met this criteria and provides opportunity for growth due to its desirable location.
We are privileged to have General David Petraeus and Dan Senor join us as we mark five years on this incredible journey," said Ami Daniel, the co-Founder and CEO of Windward.
Description : Windward Road Primary & Junior High School Equipping & Fencing
Fallyn Windward created the treats with her young assistant, Finn Maney, 11/2.
has secured a partnership with a nationally chartered bank through its subsidiary, Windward Capital Partners LLC to provide a highly competitive lending facility in the traditional life insurance premium finance space.
There is more 20-over action in the West Indies, where the Caribbean Twenty20 tournament begins with the low-key clash between Combined Campuses and Colleges and the Windward Islands.
CA Bancorp Inc (TSX: BKP) has completed the previously announced dispositions of its interests in Bermingham Foundation Solutions, Kingswood Drive Kitchener Limited Partnership as well as the sale of its interest in Windward Telecom Inc for aggregate proceeds of nearly USD18.
Jamaica, April 28, 2010 (Frontier Star): Pakistan breezed to a 68-run win over Windward Islands in the first of their warm-up games at Gros Islet.
Idle for nine days since losing to rival Campbell Hall of North Hollywood on last-second 3-pointer in a tournament game in San Diego, visiting Windward of Los Angeles made amends in the rematch Friday in the Olympic League opener.
Bernard Ranaweera, a Sri Lankan tea producer, and Bella Joachim, a banana farmer from Dominica in the Windward Isles are visiting schools and community groups across Wales in a visit supported by the Welsh Assembly Government.
23 said it will invest US$700,000 in Windward Telecom Ltd to build out Windward's Caribbean wholesale broadband services platform, including expansion of services to industry verticals such as the Trinidadian oil and gas industry.
A gorgeous display of color photos throughout makes VOYAGES TO WINDWARD an exciting visual display, spiced with high adventure and not a few practical tips.
A decade ago, two-thirds of the bananas we ate in Britain came from the Caribbean, notably the Windward Islands of Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada.
The windward side, to the east is a narrow region with ample rainfall and a network of freshwater streams that feed a rich ecosystem along the coast.
HONOLULU (AP) -- Only Windward Community College remains on accreditation warning status in the University of Hawaii system after the removal of Honolulu and Hawaii community colleges.