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All the window in the rear of the house had been long ago bricked up, except one small trap in the room where the boy was locked, and that was too small even for the passage of his body.
Anatole with his swaggering air strode up to the window. He wanted to smash something.
"I want to see the light out of that window," replied the Count softly.
Every now and then a haze of smoke from some nearer conflagra- tion drove across the window and hid the Martian shapes.
"All the luck's on our side," said a young man who until now had kept his back turned to the window. He appeared to be rather stout, and had a thick crop of hair.
Second-floor back windows all open, atmosphere as sultry as ever, gardener's pruning-ladder quite safe in the tool-shed, savage mastiff in his kennel crunching his bones for supper.
She ate a great deal and afterward fell asleep herself, and Mary sat and stared at her and watched her fine bonnet slip on one side until she herself fell asleep once more in the corner of the carriage, lulled by the splashing of the rain against the windows. It was quite dark when she awakened again.
If you would like a little more of it, I could throw out a few lines and stays between my windows and yours, which the runners would take to directly.
"Could that window have been closed and refastened after the flight of the assassin?" asked Rouletabille.
She opened her eyes to find Timothy at the top of a ladder near her, Old Tom just getting through the window, and her aunt peering out at her from behind him.
It shone full and clear and cold, upon the house amongst the rocks, and in at the kitchen window. But alas, no little rabbit babies were to be seen!
In the evening, when little Kay was at home, and half undressed, he climbed up on the chair by the window, and peeped out of the little hole.
You remember I had forgotten to water the pots, and then I opened the window, and Jane called me about the jam, and I have never been in the room since."
If you go near enough you'll see the candle burning in the window."
She turned them over one by one, to satisfy herself that nothing she wanted had been forgotten, and returned once more to her post of observation by the window.