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wind back the clock

To go back in time. If I could wind back the clock, I'd manage my finances better so that I wouldn't be declaring bankruptcy now. I wish I could wind back the clock and study harder before that exam I failed.
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wind up in

To arrive someplace or in some situation, with the sense that getting there was not planned. My brother is a very spontaneous traveler and just spends his time in whatever country he winds up in! We had some time to kill before the concert, so we walked around and wound up in a coffee shop.
See also: up, wind
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Macro's latest Automax C (center) and S (surface) winders have an optional "kiss" winding mode that uses a special servo-driven lay-on roll to provide very light lay-on force--just enough to remove the air.
Tecno uses AC vector drives on the winding roll and AC servo drives for tension control on other driven rolls.
This provides a center wind right from the start, instead of requiring initial winding in surface mode after cutover.
Center winders have a large drive motor on the winding shaft and can easily reverse direction to wind coextruded or treated film with either side out or in.
They run faster and typically make larger diameter rolls than turret winders, but the diameter is still limited because all winding torque is applied from the center.
They use a small drive motor on a contact or winding drum and surface friction to wind film on a freely turning winding roll.
Surface winding can be combined with center assist, adding a drive motor to the winding roll to help wind slippery film.
Surface winders can't measure true ("in-wound") winding tension, but only the sum of nip and frictional turning forces being applied to the winding rolls.