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wind something (up) (into something)

to coil something up into a ball or similar shape. Tony wound all the string up into a ball. Wind up the string into a ball. Please wind this into a ball.
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A layup by Winder put BYU ahead 41-36 before the Minutemen responded with 10 straight.
The assumption throughout is that the Winders and their musical associates were mainly interested in playing for dancing, as a modern ceilidh band might be.
Next, Winder Farms had to find the right market where target demographics would support fresh food home deliveries.
31, Winder reiterated those charges in greater detail to NHBR.
Winder, 22, is also the star setter for Pepperdine's volleyball team, which plays Long Beach State in today's Final Four at UC Irvine.
The park's fate, she said, will depend on how much funding the city can secure and the nonprofit group's success in raising money to save Ray Winder.
Based on the evidence we have heard we cannot conclude that Mr Winder was at fault.
Sean Winder estimates the couple's investment in the restaurant is "probably pushing $200,000," including the purchase price and a renovation that included all new paint, blown glass light fixtures and other improvements.
Voith Paper's winder optimization at Perlen Papier has increased quality and capacity of the existing Rolltec winder of PM 4.
The Culisse winder from Davis-Standard is reported to provide a cost-saving and timesaving alternative to traditional turret winders by eliminating the slitting and rewinding steps for most of these processes.
New special packs will feature a Fruity Booty instant-win promotion offering more than a million prizes across 30 million packs, including 5 [pounds sterling] notes and tokens for a free Winder or Sputter.
For the first time, full automation of the whole roll covering process is provided by Berstorff's latest generation strip winder.
Paul Winder, now 32 and living in Sheffield, disappeared while trekking in Panama, South America in March 2000.
But the judge said there was no evidence of him spending the money he took from Tim Blackman and Brian Winder on medical bills.
Hills, from South London, admitted defrauding Mr Blackman, who lives on the Isle of White, and taking pounds 5,000 from the family of Paul Winder, 24.