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Overly long, tedious, and often repetitive or rambling. Said of speech or writing. She's created a number of interesting characters here, but they're all mired in such long-winded prose that the whole thing is a chore to get through. My husband and I actually both fell asleep during my father's long-winded speech wedding speech.

wind up in (something or some place)

To arrive some place or in some situation. The phrase implies that getting there was not planned. My brother is a very spontaneous traveler and just spends his time in whatever country he winds up in! We had some time to kill before the concert, so we walked around and wound up in a coffee shop.
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The PPP leader said those staging sitins in Islamabad had accepted their defeat when they winded up their protest.
Another bookseller in Islamabad, which winded up its business in Peshawar in 2011 under pressure from the Taliban, is also not selling Malala's book.
Arthur says he has not been soft on the muscle men - and even winded Cuban Alex Castillo, 25.
When she ran outside, winded Lewis was lying on top of a ladder outside her home in Tennyson Crescent, Swalwell, Gateshead.
Even though I managed to get within 20 yards of two does and 50 yards of a nice 10-point buck, I still ended up empty handed and never had a chance to get off a clear shot before I got winded. I am looking for ward to the 2007 season to fill my tags by spotting and stalking.
"He is a very clean winded horse so he is not one that needs a lot of races and he has been in many battles down the years and come back as good as ever.
Mr Neary said PC Mark Treleaven Jones was winded after being kneed in the stomach.
The policeman was winded after being kneed in the stomach.
Trainer Paul Nicholls, who saddled Denman for a highly impressive victory under Walsh in the opening Challow Hurdle, said: "I saw Ruby and he just said he was winded. He plans to drive back to Birmingham to fly back home to Ireland and have a couple of days off."
Business now has to go through a long winded process to hunt around for a research partner to apply for an R&D grant - only for the application to have a high chance of being turned down.
For one thing, she can now run at a superhuman pace and not get winded. She can jump high and fall from heights and land on her feet.
However, he was found to be not much worse than winded and is expected to be given the OK to resume at Downpatrick today.
McNish was clearly winded by the impact as he hunched on his knees and then lay-down on a grassy bank.