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wind up in

To arrive some place or in some situation. The phrase implies that getting there was not planned. My brother is a very spontaneous traveler and just spends his time in whatever country he winds up in! We had some time to kill before the concert, so we walked around and wound up in a coffee shop.
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Overly long, tedious, and often repetitive or rambling. Said of speech or writing. She's created a number of interesting characters here, but they're all mired in such long-winded prose that the whole thing is a chore to get through. My husband and I actually both fell asleep during my father's long-winded speech wedding speech.
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For one thing, she can now run at a superhuman pace and not get winded.
Sid Domic is set to start at loose forward after suffering from an asthma attack after being heavily winded, while Darren Burns has also recovered from a facial injury that he sustained against Widnes and he will start in the second row.
He was left winded and bruised by the attack, at about 8pm.
Have you ever felt winded and wheezy while ice skating indoors?
The colorful mash-up had the blonde pop star in skin-tight gear, appearing winded while making aerobics moves with backup dancers in tow.
Paramedics rushed to help Longden, of Burnley, Lancashire, but he was only winded.
Personally, although Christmas leaves me winded, tousled and flat broke it's the one time that I feel positively beatific towards the whole human race
As if to serve up a reminder of just what he had been missing, Richard Johnson (above) - himself the recipient of a badly broken leg not too long ago - was badly winded after a fall on Sharp Seal that fortunately did no other damage.
Sinclair winded Roche with a short left hand which put him on his knees until referee Paul Thomas counted him out.
Stephen was given his milk bottle by a lodger, John Swanson, the first time, before later, at 4am, he was fed and winded by a schoolboy, an inquest at Warrington was told.
The jockey lay prone for a few moments after the tumble but it soon emerged that he was only winded.
Nicholls dashed up the track to tend the winded horse, who was soon safely back on his feet.
After that play, Bush appeared winded and ran off the field in obvious pain before watching White punch in his fourth touchdown on a 6-yard run.
Course doctor Roger Jowett said yesterday: "She was shaken and seriously winded.