wind up with

wind up with (someone or something)

1. To finally or eventually be with someone. I was really excited for the tour, but we wound up with the most boring guide on the planet. If you don't start dating more serious guys, you're going to wind up with a real doofus for a husband. He keeps deluding himself that he will wind up with Rosaline eventually, but she moved on from him years ago.
2. To come to acquire, possess, or experience something at the end or as a result of something else. I thought we'd find something valuable hidden away in our grandfather's attic, but we just wound up with a bunch of junk. I was afraid he would wind up with a stroke from all that strenuous activity. He's out of your league, Sally. You're just going to wind up with a broken heart if you keep pining after him like that.
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wind up with someone or something

to end up having someone or something. I don't want to wind up with all the kids for the weekend. We wound up with Thanksgiving at our house again.
See also: up, wind
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