wind off

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wind something off

to unreel or unwind something. He wound the rope off, little by little, until he had as much as he needed. Karen wound off as much as she needed.
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Officials with Santee Cooper, Coastal Carolina University and the South Carolina Energy Office today announced the launch of weather buoys that will measure wind off the coast of Georgetown and Little River.
It is a fun breezy read, fresh as the North wind off Lake Superior, in large print and illustrated with many photographs and highly recommend by this reviewer!
The ferry, with 125 people on board, was overturned by a strong wind off the island of Masbate, according to Ruben Sindac, a senior police superintendent.
Designers have even included deflectors to lift chilly gusts of wind off the River Mersey over LiverpoolOne.
The swirling wind off the Moray Firth sure does play havoc with your spray tan.
FROM an elevated tee and playing with the wind off the right shoulder this par three looks no more complicated than a straightforward nine-iron shot, but looks are deceptive.
IOn the road, the wide bars give excellent control and the small screen keeps just enough wind off you on the motorway.
Effingham Blue appeared to get a second wind off the final bend and started to close the gap on the run to the line, but Ahanagran Rose battled on well to repel the late challenge and held on to score by a length in 29.12sec (going normal.) Borna Triangle (5-2 from 11-4) came with a devastating late run to deny Allfourpaws a winning return in the finale.
6 The Wind off the Sea, Charlotte Bingham - pounds 5.99
Jonson's Boy, his principal intermediary with the audience, and Probee, the model spectator he creates as Damplay's foil, direct the audience to a right appreciation of the Jonsonian plot: "a good play is like a skein of silk: which, if you take by the right end, you may wind off at pleasure on the bottom or card of your discourse in a tale or so, how you will" (Induction, 130-34).
THEATRE DE CAROUGE: The wind off of Lake Geneva will be bitter cold as Theatre de Carouge presents La Sonate a Kreutzer, based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy.
Some kind people from the Devonian Gardens provided a child's wading pool, drinking water, some greenery, and a baffle to keep the wind off the nest.
It's sometimes that nasty wind off the lake, but more often it's when you encounter someone at the gym or on the street or at your neighborhood deli where city people have their deepest connections with God and the Spirit.
The steady wind off the Atlantic is a feature of Spain's Canary Islands.
A lease sale for offshore wind off the Massachusetts coast brought in a record-breaking $285 million in the first day of the auction alone.