wind off

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wind something off

to unreel or unwind something. He wound the rope off, little by little, until he had as much as he needed. Karen wound off as much as she needed.
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Officials with Santee Cooper, Coastal Carolina University and the South Carolina Energy Office today announced the launch of weather buoys that will measure wind off the coast of Georgetown and Little River.
Even the friendly cruise boat manager who showed us the ropes admitted we would have our work cut because the Mistral ( the wind off the Sahara desert which hits the south of France every summer ( was making its presence felt.
Effingham Blue appeared to get a second wind off the final bend and started to close the gap on the run to the line, but Ahanagran Rose battled on well to repel the late challenge and held on to score by a length in 29.
6 The Wind off the Sea, Charlotte Bingham - pounds 5.
The Bay is a world-class location, with constant wind off the sea, flat water and a large surface area.
Jonson's Boy, his principal intermediary with the audience, and Probee, the model spectator he creates as Damplay's foil, direct the audience to a right appreciation of the Jonsonian plot: "a good play is like a skein of silk: which, if you take by the right end, you may wind off at pleasure on the bottom or card of your discourse in a tale or so, how you will" (Induction, 130-34).
Some kind people from the Devonian Gardens provided a child's wading pool, drinking water, some greenery, and a baffle to keep the wind off the nest.
Still, being crushed together provided some protection from the Arctic wind off the Thames and gave a foretaste of the intimately packed tube and the awful journey back into London.
It keeps the wind off,'' explained a runner as he crossed the starting line on Sixth Street.
It's sometimes that nasty wind off the lake, but more often it's when you encounter someone at the gym or on the street or at your neighborhood deli where city people have their deepest connections with God and the Spirit.
The steady wind off the Atlantic is a feature of Spain's Canary Islands.
We come in for a specific project, define clear goals, and then wind off once the deliverables are completed.
Webster said: "It was 254 yards to the pin, slightly into the wind off the left.
Modify difficulty level: with or without wind (Easy with Wind off and Hard with Wind on)
This deflects the wind off your hands and keeps your legs warm using the same process.