wind around

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wind something around something

to twist or coil something around something. Wind this cloth around your hand to stop the bleeding. Wind the string around this stick so it won't get all tangled up.
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wind around someone or something

to twist or coil around someone or something. The python wound around the rabbit, suffocating it. The vines wound around the gatepost.
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wind around

[for something, such as a road] to make a turn or turns around. The road wound around and ended up at the lake. The path wound around and came to a stop at the cabin door.
See also: around, wind
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It will continue to be cloudy with a low around 12 and a northwest wind around 7 mph.
you love: knowing what goes unstirred: in the wind around.
1sec shape, or even 10sec, if you turn the wind around.
The artwork, entitled The Running Line, will wind around Saltwell Park in Gateshead to coincide with this year's race, and will require 141,000 pictures.
Using heavy white thread (button and carpet thread are the best for this), wind around tightly to hold it all together and then tie a knot (Fig 2).
It will also provide unparalleled waterfront access, with four miles of canals, boardwalks and floating walkways that will wind around the piers.
The prettiest water holes wind around a back-nine lake near what was once the most remote and rural section of the course but now is overlooked by hillside homes.
space agency had said the pieces could cause irregular wind around them and threaten the shuttle during reentry.
The oil coated the surface of the water, reduced the formation of spray, and thereby calmed the wind around the ship, he suggests.
Although very different, they become friends as young teenagers and while their paths to adulthood wind around each other, they end up together, making a unique family of themselves and Claire, a woman who is also looking for love.
His dancers wind around each other, limbs exposed like snakes seeking their way out of holes.
Aboard the QE2 or Caronia guests can glide through the fjordlands of Norway or across the Baltic Sea to the royal capitals of Northern Europe, or wind around alluring Mediterranean shores.
A vertical circulation route of staircase, ramp and bridge wind around the amoebic core, exploring the hierarchy of interior volumes and offering sneaky framed views of the exterior.
But in Alzheimer's, the tau forms filaments that get twisted, so the threads wind around each other into tangles.