wind around

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wind around

1. Of a path, trail, road, etc., to twist or turn in a circuitous or spiraling manner (along something). I thought I was going to get sick from the way the mountain road kept winding around. The trail winds around the side of the mountain, and it ends up at the bottom of a beautiful ravine.
2. To move or travel in a circuitous or indirect path so as to bypass or avoid someone or something. The swamp is too treacherous to go through, so we'll have to wind around it. He wound furtively around the police officers who were stationed at the intersection.
3. To twist, wrap, or coil around someone or something. Black smoke wound around the tower as the fire spread through its lower levels. The huge anaconda began winding around Tom, slowly squeezing the life out of him.
4. To twist, wrap, or coil something around someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "wind" and "around." He wound the cable around his arm and pulled as hard as he could. The plant winds its vines around the branches of the tallest trees to reach the sunshine above the canopy of the jungle.
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wind something around something

to twist or coil something around something. Wind this cloth around your hand to stop the bleeding. Wind the string around this stick so it won't get all tangled up.
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wind around someone or something

to twist or coil around someone or something. The python wound around the rabbit, suffocating it. The vines wound around the gatepost.
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wind around

[for something, such as a road] to make a turn or turns around. The road wound around and ended up at the lake. The path wound around and came to a stop at the cabin door.
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It will continue to be cloudy with a low around 12 and a northwest wind around 7 mph.
"Due to their nature, it's impossible to predict exactly where but we could see particularly heavy downpours in some areas with strong gusts of wind around the south and south west coastline.
The colourful show joined millions of pinwheels spinning in the wind around the world -in the United States, Great Britain, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia; pinwheels all over the world.
The day started mild with an east/southeasterly wind around 12 knots.
But poor Bono got a touch of stage fright and ended up breaking wind around the girls all afternoon - and sending them running for cover.
Air conditioned mini-buses full of tourists wind around the narrow streets of Makiki, and breeze past the school Obama attended and the apartment building where his grandparents raised him.
you love: knowing what goes unstirred: in the wind around.
He said: "It shows that I am in 10.1 shape, or even 10.0, if you turn the wind around. It will definitely come.
"It shows that I am in 10.1sec shape, or even 10sec, if you turn the wind around. It will come, it will definitely come.
The artwork, entitled The Running Line, will wind around Saltwell Park in Gateshead to coincide with this year's race, and will require 141,000 pictures.
Using heavy white thread (button and carpet thread are the best for this), wind around tightly to hold it all together and then tie a knot (Fig 2).
It will also provide unparalleled waterfront access, with four miles of canals, boardwalks and floating walkways that will wind around the piers.
space agency had said the pieces could cause irregular wind around them and threaten the shuttle during reentry.
The oil coated the surface of the water, reduced the formation of spray, and thereby calmed the wind around the ship, he suggests.