wince at

wince at (something)

To grimace, flinch, or tense up as a response (often involuntary) to some source of pain or discomfort or something disagreeable. My daughter winced at the injection, but she didn't cry. I sat through the entire dinner wincing at my dad's terrible jokes.
See also: wince

wince at something

to shrink back because of something, such as pain. She winced at the pain but did not cry out. After he had just winced at the pain for a while, he finally screamed.
See also: wince

wince at

To shrink or tense up involuntarily in response to something that causes pain, distress, or discomfort: I winced at this month's phone bill.
See also: wince
References in classic literature ?
He paused at that, for he saw his father wince at the picture like a man physically struck; and again there was silence.
His soundtrack accompaniment -- with music occasionally sped up or slowed for comic effect -- is to wince at.
Claustrophobic readers may wince at Hurd's descriptions of spelunking, but they'll find the author's journeys a rare opportunity to explore the wild caves of the world.
As a European, I normally wince at online forms that won't let me order because I don't have a five-digit ZIP code or a two-letter state.
Outstanding even with a few mispronunciations that only a fussy native New Englander would wince at.
Just drop into any clubhouse or wire a dugout for sound, and you will wince at the quality of the vocabulary.
Sunspangled, well down the field behind Wince at Newmarket, should also put up a better show on the easier going.
Kieren Fallon held up Wince at the back of the stands-side group in the first two furlongs before enjoying a smooth run through to take it up just over a furlong out from Valentine Waltz, who had the call on the far side.
So bookmakers' offer of Wince at 16-1 for the Sagitta 1000 Guineas after a clearcut, if workmanlike, victory in the Dubai Duty Free Stakes (Registered As Fred Darling Stakes) at Newbury yesterday will prompt a smile from blind followers of Warren Place.
At least the slick ``Sum of All Fears'' made you wince at a terrorist act; ``Bad Company'' just makes you wince as you sit through one poorly staged and uninspired action sequence after another.