wince at

wince at (something)

To grimace, flinch, or tense up as a response (often involuntary) to some source of pain or discomfort or something disagreeable. My daughter winced at the injection, but she didn't cry. I sat through the entire dinner wincing at my dad's terrible jokes.
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wince at something

to shrink back because of something, such as pain. She winced at the pain but did not cry out. After he had just winced at the pain for a while, he finally screamed.
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wince at

To shrink or tense up involuntarily in response to something that causes pain, distress, or discomfort: I winced at this month's phone bill.
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References in classic literature ?
He paused at that, for he saw his father wince at the picture like a man physically struck; and again there was silence.
Kellie Maloney standing nearby, winced at some of Jordan's jibes, clearly believing they were below the belt, though not as much as she'll wince at what happens below-the-belt in the next few weeks.
It should make every Englishman wince at the failure of Tony Blair to do the same in 2004.
While some might consider exploring the history of our trinitarian creeds a dull and irrelevant exercise (or even wince at the church-dividing and institutionalizing politics involved), as the story of Spirit-led theologians struggling to order what they saw in the scriptural witness as God's intrinsic order in a dynamic relationship bearing witness to God's self, we might find kin as well as fresh insight here.
Claustrophobic readers may wince at Hurd's descriptions of spelunking, but they'll find the author's journeys a rare opportunity to explore the wild caves of the world.
"As a European, I normally wince at online forms that won't let me order because I don't have a five-digit ZIP code or a two-letter state.
Outstanding even with a few mispronunciations that only a fussy native New Englander would wince at. Jean Palmer, KLIATT
1984's provisions as yet another small step toward Big Brother government, while cost-conscious moderates might wince at the idea of the FBI spending its limited budget on reviewing the felony records of thousands of healthcare job applicants.
Just drop into any clubhouse or wire a dugout for sound, and you will wince at the quality of the vocabulary.
Sunspangled, well down the field behind Wince at Newmarket, should also put up a better show on the easier going.
Then recent work by Wince at home clearly suggests that she is still on the up for she has been noted as holding her own even with Enrique who was considered a little unlucky to lose out in the 2,000 Guineas.
The filly, who finished strongly to go down by just half a length to Wince at Newmarket on Sunday, may bypass both the French and Irish equivalents in order to maximise the three-year-old's chance of success at the Royal meeting.
So bookmakers' offer of Wince at 16-1 for the Sagitta 1000 Guineas after a clearcut, if workmanlike, victory in the Dubai Duty Free Stakes (Registered As Fred Darling Stakes) at Newbury yesterday will prompt a smile from blind followers of Warren Place.
As to when the USGS report might get updated, Mac has not recovered sufficiently from preparing this one to do more than wince at the question.