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wince at (something)

To grimace, flinch, or tense up as a response (often involuntary) to some source of pain or discomfort or something disagreeable. My daughter winced at the injection, but she didn't cry. I sat through the entire dinner wincing at my dad's terrible jokes.
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wince at something

to shrink back because of something, such as pain. She winced at the pain but did not cry out. After he had just winced at the pain for a while, he finally screamed.
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wince at

To shrink or tense up involuntarily in response to something that causes pain, distress, or discomfort: I winced at this month's phone bill.
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Such customized messaging could build better relationships with customers and increase their tolerance to wait for service, Wince maintains.
OEMs can benefit from the new capabilities of XScale PXA300 processor based development with higher processing power with WinCE 7.0, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of complex and concurrent usage models supporting today's stringent requirements for longer battery life, enabling to take advantage of network features for longer periods of time.
For enterprises using Windows CE .NET 4.1-based devices with 802.11 networks, WinCE Gphone 1.0 enables real-time, two-way voice communications through IP-PBX's and other enterprise server products.
SEEING the picture of the Circus of Horrors cast in last week's Sunday Mercury made me wince.
It should make every Englishman wince at the failure of Tony Blair to do the same in 2004.
Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq: MSFT) and LG-Nortel, a joint venture of LG Electronics, an electronics company based in South Korea, and communications solutions provider Nortel (NYSE:NT), announced on Thursday (25 May) the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration in Voice over IP (VoIP), including WinCE-based IP terminals and the new WinCE 6 videophone.
THE unfortunate accident footballer Kevin Kyle had while heating up his son's milk bottle will make every bloke wince in sympathy.
Sadler's Wells did not win past ten furlongs, and Wince never ran beyond a mile; the sire's sire famously failed in his one attempt at a mile and a half, the dam's sire was a miler, and the grand-dam's only win came at a mile and a quarter.
But shadow attorney general Dominic Grieve insisted: ``Politicians never wince when they have small audiences.
But shadow attorney general Dominic Grieve insisted: 'Politicians never wince when they have small audiences.
The RADVISION H.323 Protocol Toolkit is available on many operating systems including multiple MS-Windows platforms, UNIX operating systems, and most real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as VxWorks, Nucleus, WinCE and Texas Instruments DSP BIOS.
Claustrophobic readers may wince at Hurd's descriptions of spelunking, but they'll find the author's journeys a rare opportunity to explore the wild caves of the world.
Although their name is something that might make you wince, especially if you've had surgery where morphine was used and you couldn't piss on your own afterward, they can blast the rock music with the best of them.
Since I try to be accepting of cultural differences, it made me wince to read "Kateri turned away from the pagan culture of her birth and lived in a world steeped in holiness and piety." Also, I hope it is just a typo that made Petrash list the wrong amendment as that which guaranteed a woman's right to vote.