win (one's) spurs

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win (one's) spurs

To prove one's skill in a particular area and earn distinction or a good position as a result. Once you've watched the triplets for an entire day, then you'll have won your spurs as their caretaker, as far as I'm concerned. After getting my bachelor's degree, I won my spurs as a teacher by working short-term contracts in small urban schools for two years.
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win one's spurs

Gain a position or attain distinction through hard work or some special accomplishment. For example, After two years of freelancing, she won her spurs as a programmer and was hired for the top job . This expression originally alluded to being knighted for some act of bravery and was being used figuratively by the mid-1500s.
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win (or earn) your spurs

gain your first distinction or honours. informal
In the Middle Ages a knight who had won his spurs had attained knighthood by performing an act of bravery: a pair of gilt spurs were the distinguishing mark of a knight.
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win/earn your ˈspurs

(formal) become successful or famous: You’ll win your spurs as a teacher if you can control class 5.
See also: earn, spur, win
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TOP RTE broadcaster Pat Kenny has slammed younger rival Ryan Tubridy - warning him to slow down and "win his spurs".
Even Jason Robinson had to win his spurs and was heavily criticised in certain newspapers before receiving a standing ovation and bordering on sycophantic adulation following his final appearance at Twickenham in the Barbarians v South Africa match.
Jason Robinson had to win his spurs after trading rugby codes