win at

win something at something

to win a prize in some sort of competition. I won this silly doll at the ring-toss game. Did you win anything at the fair?
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win at something

to triumph at some competition. Will I ever be able to win at golf? She always wins at poker.
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win at

To achieve victory in some activity or event: I usually win at chess. I used to be good at poker, but now I can't win at any card games at all.
See also: win
References in classic literature ?
However ridiculous it may seem to you that I was expecting to win at roulette, I look upon the generally accepted opinion concerning the folly and the grossness of hoping to win at gambling as a thing even more absurd.
I thought,' sneered the dwarf, 'that if a man played long enough he was sure to win at last, or, at the worst, not to come off a loser.
In this he threw away half his chance of winning, but he knew if he was to win at all it was with the outfighting that remained to him.
Kenseth won the race at Michigan International Speedway two weeks ago and followed it with a win at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee last Saturday night.
Ted Kotcheff's The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz wins the Golden Bear (first prize) at the Berlin Film Festival -- the first Canadian feature to win at a major European film festival -- and Mordecai Richler receives an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay.
of Decatur, GA has already won a car thanks to Woods' season-opening win at the Buick Invitational.
He followed that with a win at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in New Jersey, his fifth in a row on Father's Day.
WIN's solutions can be found in products of some of the world's largest telecommunications, medical, network management and biometric companies, positioning WIN at the cutting edge of the embedded computing industry.
If Schumacher can win at Pomona, he will become the first top fuel driver in NHRA history to win five races in a row.
Analysis: All Castroneves has to do is win at Texas and he wins the championship.
Lindsay is the second FLORIDA LOTTO winner either to reside in, or purchase a winning ticket in, Columbia County and the 721st LOTTO winner to win at least $1 million since 1988.
You know, last year I really struggled in South Africa but this year I wanted to go there and win because everybody expected me to win at tracks like Valencia (Spain) and Kyalami (South Africa).
Second-seeded Eastern Washington was the only conference team to win at CSUN.
He is the defending Marlboro 500 champion and is coming off a win at the Honda 300 in Australia on Oct.
Callaway Golf Staff Professional Stewart Ginn's win at the Ford Senior Players Championship brought the Company's major championship golf ball victories to four of the nine professional major championships played in 2002.