win /beat somebody hands down

beat (one) hands down

To defeat or best one easily or decisively. We were really unprepared for our last game, so the other team beat us hands down. Popular opinion has been that the president beat his opponent hands down in last night's debate.
See also: beat, down, hand

win hands down

To win (something) easily or decisively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "win" and "hands down." We were really unprepared for our last game, and the other team won hands down. Everyone thought it would be close, but Mary won the election hands down.
See also: down, hand, win
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win (something)/beat somebody ˌhands ˈdown

win (something)/beat somebody very easily: Holland won the match hands down. The score was five nil.
See also: beat, down, hand, somebody, win
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