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1. Lacking or without thought, order, or reason; haphazard(ly). You can just choose a college willy-nilly—you have to do some research. It appears he listed the items willy-nilly, with no regard to how they were loaded.
2. Regardless of whether or not it is desired. I'm afraid you're going to be assigned to a classroom willy-nilly.

do something ˌwilly-ˈnilly

1 do something whether you want to or not: She was forced willy-nilly to accept the company’s proposals.
2 do something in a careless way without planning: Don’t just use your credit card willy-nilly.
This expression is a shortened form of ‘willing or not willing’.
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References in classic literature ?
Antonia seemed frightened at first, and kept looking questioningly at Lena and Tiny over Willy O'Reilly's shoulder.
Lead him up and down just here for five minutes," he added to Willy, who was now close to them; and then he turned to Maggie's side, and they walked on.
Stephen stood still and beckoned when they came within sight of Willy and the horse, and Maggie went on through the gate.
They say that Willy is in Heaven now, and that it's always summer there, and yet I'm sure he grieves when I lie down upon his garden bed, and he cannot turn to kiss me.
After they finish pacing the grounds, Willy settles in for grooming, and Nicole picks at his shaggy red coat.
Willy Lynch, his pregnant partner Tara Gilbert and kids Jodie, eight, and Kelsey, four, also died as did Willy's brother Jimmy.
Death Of A Salesman ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE, STRATFORDUPON-AVON ANTONY Sher is exceptional as the weary, washed up Willy Loman in this stark and at times depressing Arthur Miller play.
Sir Antony Sher and Dame Harriet Walter as Willy and Linda Loman look tiny against this big city backdrop.
TYRERS boutique department store, in St Helens, is holding a Willy Wonka-themed family fun day on Easter Saturday.
Fourth grader Willy Maykit is heading for space on a school field trip, to Planet Ed, and they'll blast off in the afternoon and be home in time for supper.
The bus started to leave and Gazza told me to go over to Mr Willy (manager Willy McFaul) and tell him: 'Mr Willy I am f*** starving.
Brimming with confidence, nine energetic techies from different Omani schools in and around Muscat easily manned the machines like Problem Solver Willy Robot, Notebook Corrector, Falaj Manager, and Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) robots.
It s a robot built to entertain little kids by asking them a question which will be displayed on the screen Willy carries around.
KELLY Osbourne's life was saved yesterday by her bulldog Willy.
With the release of 'Love, Life and Politics: Vol 2', under the Willy S Music Publishing Label, artist Willy Saintidor reflects on his past and contemplates his commitment to a better future for the children of Haiti and the world.