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(lone) voice in the wilderness

One who expresses an unpopular opinion or idea. She felt like a voice in the wilderness as she tried to warn others about the impending economic collapse. He was a lone voice in the wilderness as he tried to expose the vast corruption within the organization.
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voice crying in the wilderness

One who expresses an unpopular opinion or idea. He was a voice crying in the wilderness as he tried to expose the vast corruption within the organization. She felt like a voice crying in the wilderness as she tried to warn others about the impending economic collapse.
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in the wilderness

Lacking one's former power or influence. (Used especially in reference to politicians.) The former party leader has been in the wilderness ever since he crossed party lines to support the economic recovery bill in the senate.
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in the wilderness

COMMON A person or organization's time in the wilderness is a period when they do not have an important role to play and people are not interested in them. He is delighted to get another chance to represent his country after a period in the wilderness. After 10 years in the political wilderness the Danish Labour Party appeared yesterday to be on the verge of returning to power.
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a voice crying in the wilderness


a lone voice in the wilderness

If you describe someone as a voice crying in the wilderness or a lone voice in the wilderness, you mean that they are telling people about the dangers in an important situation or the truth about it, but nobody is paying any attention. Until recently, Dr Seddon's was a voice crying in the wilderness. But people are starting to listen to what he has to say. For years, he was a lone voice in the wilderness, and a lot of it came across as self-serving. But I'll tell you, the man was right. Note: This is from the Bible, and refers to John the Baptist who preached the coming of the Messiah but was often ignored. (Matthew 3:3)
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a voice in the wilderness

an unheeded advocate of reform.
The phrase was originally used with reference to the words of John the Baptist, who proclaimed the coming of the Messiah: ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness’ (John 1:23).
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a voice (crying) in the ˈwilderness

a warning of a danger given by a person or small group which most people do not pay any attention to: A few scientists in the early 1980s were warning of the dangers of AIDS but nobody took them seriously. They were just a voice in the wilderness.This comes from a description of John the Baptist in the Bible.
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in the ˈwilderness

(of politicians) no longer having power, influence or importance because they no longer hold high office: After a few years in the wilderness she was allowed to return to a job in the government.
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Thus situated, many hundred miles from our families in the howling wilderness, I believe few would have equally enjoyed the happiness we experienced.
These mountains are in the wilderness, as we pass from the old settlements in Virginia to Kentucke, are ranged in a S.
This reverend person bore a staff which seemed to have been recently cut in the forest, and his shoes were bemired as if he had been travelling on foot through the swamps of the wilderness.
In the cabin, likewise, sat the Lady Arbella in her chair, with a gentle and sweet expression on her face, but looking too pale and feeble to endure the hardships of the wilderness.
Her gentle and timid spirit sinks within her; and, turning away from the window, she sits down in the great chair and wonders whereabouts in the wilderness her friends will dig her grave.
Though he was to travel through a trackless wilderness, yet the greater part of his route would lie across open plains, destitute of forests, and where wheel carriages can pass in every direction.
The tamest inhabitant of cities, the veriest spoiled child of civilization, feels his heart dilate and his pulse beat high on finding himself on horseback in the glorious wilderness; what then must be the excitement of one whose imagination had been stimulated by a residence on the frontier, and to whom the wilderness was a region of romance!
In 1785 the author’s father, who had an interest in extensive tracts of land in this wilderness, arrived with a party of surveyors.
Although the settlement of this part of Otsego a little preceded the birth of the author, it was not sufficiently advanced to render it desirable that an event so important to himself should take place in the wilderness.
The lawn, bounded on each side by a high wall, contained beyond the first planted area a bowling-green, and beyond the bowling-green a long terrace walk, backed by iron palisades, and commanding a view over them into the tops of the trees of the wilderness immediately adjoining.
as if bewildered wretches were seeking her all through the wilderness.
As usual, he was beautifully shaved, his eye-glass and his false teeth appeared to be in perfect order, and altogether he looked the neatest man I ever had to do with in the wilderness.
But in the loneliest wilderness happeneth the second metamorphosis: here the spirit becometh a lion; freedom will it capture, and lordship in its own wilderness.
It had almost the appearance of a racing track, and its state of preservation in the midst of the wilderness was little short of remarkable.
It is worthy of remark, too, as illustrating a little feature in the character of Miss Sally Brass, that, although on her own account she would have borne the discomforts of the Wilderness with a very ill grace, and would probably, indeed, have walked off before the tea appeared, she no sooner beheld the latent uneasiness and misery of her brother than she developed a grim satisfaction, and began to enjoy herself after her own manner.