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flip (one's) wig

To react to something, good or bad, with strong emotion. I had to talk to Mr. Myers about the botched report today, and boy, did he flip his wig. I figured Aunt June would be excited to hear I'm getting married, but she totally flipped her wig!
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wigs on the green

A physical fight. This now-outdated phrase was relevant when men wore powdered wigs (which could be pulled off or knocked loose in an altercation). Conversation is very tense whenever Sir George and Lord Philip are together. I anticipate wigs on the green the next time they meet.
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flip one's wig

 and flip one's lid
Sl. to suddenly become angry, crazy, or enthusiastic. Whenever anyone mentions taxes, Mr. Jones absolutely flips his wig. Stop whistling. You're going to make me flip my lid.
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wig out

Sl. to become intoxicated. One more drink and Wally will wig out. This guy has wigged out. Get him out of here.
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flip one's lid

Also, flip one's wig; flip out. React very strongly or wildly, as with anger, surprise, or excitement; also, go crazy. For example, I'm going to flip my lid if he doesn't show up, or She really flipped out when she realized that she had won first prize, or I think Rob has flipped his wig. These slangy expressions, with their allusion to losing the top of one's head, date from the 1930s and 1940s.
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wig out

Become or make wildly excited or irrational, as in He'll wig out when he gets the bill for that party. This idiom probably alludes to the earlier flip one's wig (see under flip one's lid). [Slang; c. 1950] Also see freak out, def. 2.
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wigs on the green

violent or unpleasant developments; ructions.
The image here is of wigs becoming dislodged or being pulled off during a brawl.
1996 Frank McCourt Angela's Ashes Mam threatens us from the bed that we're to help our small brother. She says, If ye don't fix yeer brother's shoes an' I have to get out of this bed there will be wigs on the green.
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wig out

v. Slang
1. To lose control of one's emotions: I wigged out when I saw the lion. My parents wigged out on me when I took the car without asking.
2. To cause someone to lose control of his or her emotions: Their new song totally wigs me out. That haunted house wigged out the little kids.
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flip one’s wig

and flip one’s lid
tv. to go crazy; to lose control. I so flipped my lid when I got the news. I nearly flipped my wig when I heard.
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wig out

1. in. to lose control of oneself; to flip one’s wig. (see also wigged (out).) I was afraid I would wig out if I stayed any longer.
2. in. to have a good time at a party, etc. We wigged out at John’s little get together.
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wigged (out)

and wiggy
1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. The kid got a little wigged and slipped under the table.
2. mod. having lost control of oneself; having flipped one’s wig. After she heard the bad news, she was totally wigged out.
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