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get a wiggle on

To move quickly; to hurry or hurry up; get a move on. We'd better get a wiggle on if we want to be on time for our reservation.
See also: get, on, wiggle

wiggle room

The space, time, or freedom to make changes as needed. Good news—I've done the math, and we have enough wiggle room in the budget to make some of those purchases we've been putting off. When I'm meeting up with someone, I always leave early, so that I have wiggle room in case I get lost.
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wiggle out of something

1. . Lit to get out of something or some place; to squirm out of something or some place. The kitten was able to wiggle out of the cage in which it had been put. The squirrel wiggled out of the trap we caught it in.
2. . Fig. to manage to get out of a job, the blame for something, or a responsibility. Don't try to wiggle out of your job! You are to blame and don't try to wiggle out of it!
See also: of, out, wiggle

get a wiggle on

get moving; hurry. informal
See also: get, on, wiggle

wiggle out

1. To free oneself from something by turning or twisting the body with sinuous writhing motions: I wiggled out of the tight sweater.
2. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: I wiggled out of taking the exam by pretending I had a headache.
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Get a wiggle on!

exclam. to hurry up. Hey, you guys! Get a wiggle on! We gotta finish before nightfall.
See also: get, wiggle

wiggle out of something

in. to successfully avoid doing something. We wiggled out of the appointment.
See also: of, out, something, wiggle


n. copulation. The watchman caught them ziggy-wiggling in the lounge.

get a wiggle on

To hurry or hurry up.
See also: get, on, wiggle
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The Wiggles, widely known for their efforts in promoting safety for children take the subject of allergies very seriously.
The Fab Four for the under-fives are celebrating their 21st year in showbusiness, and the return of Greg to the band - but only briefly, as this is the final tour of The Wiggles as we know them.
Getting a Wiggle on: The men in the famous turtle-neck jumpers will once more be sending kids wild next week.
Since then, the four men who met while training to be pre-school teachers at university in Australia, have sold 23 million DVDs and seven million CDs, appeared in their own TV shows alongside Wiggles characters such as Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword, and performed to a million people a year on their world tours.
The band welcomed founding Yellow Wiggle Greg Page back into its ranks in January, five years after he retired due to illness and was replaced by understudy Sam Moran.
Marking the return of the original yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, the fab four will be bringing a brand-new show to Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.
MEETING THEIR HEROES Beren and Sophie with The Wiggles
The Wiggles perform live to more than one million people worldwide each year, and spent 2009-2010 on a global tour taking in America, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
The three began writing children's songs as one of their music projects and The Wiggles were born.
Plus all five winners will each be given a copy of the fabulous The Wiggles Go Bananas CD, Sing A Song Of Wiggles DVD and a beanie hat.
So now we know that caterpillars can tell dangerous wiggles from other kinds of wiggles.
Although The Wiggles do not appear in the show, several other Wiggly faces are featured, including Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus.
The Dorothy the Dinosaur Show was written by Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, who also produced the music.
Each winner will also receive a copy of the brand new Wiggles DVD, The Wiggles Go Bananas, featuring The Wiggles duet with Kylie Minogue on the song Monkey Man
Minogue can even be seen donning a bright pink Wiggles top for the video clip.