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get a wiggle on

To move quickly; to hurry or hurry up; get a move on. We'd better get a wiggle on if we want to be on time for our reservation.
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wiggle room

The space, time, or freedom to make changes as needed. Good news—I've done the math, and we have enough wiggle room in the budget to make some of those purchases we've been putting off. When I'm meeting up with someone, I always leave early, so that I have wiggle room in case I get lost.
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wiggle out of something

1. . Lit to get out of something or some place; to squirm out of something or some place. The kitten was able to wiggle out of the cage in which it had been put. The squirrel wiggled out of the trap we caught it in.
2. . Fig. to manage to get out of a job, the blame for something, or a responsibility. Don't try to wiggle out of your job! You are to blame and don't try to wiggle out of it!
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get a wiggle on

get moving; hurry. informal
See also: get, on, wiggle

wiggle out

1. To free oneself from something by turning or twisting the body with sinuous writhing motions: I wiggled out of the tight sweater.
2. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: I wiggled out of taking the exam by pretending I had a headache.
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Get a wiggle on!

exclam. to hurry up. Hey, you guys! Get a wiggle on! We gotta finish before nightfall.
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wiggle out of something

in. to successfully avoid doing something. We wiggled out of the appointment.
See also: of, out, something, wiggle


n. copulation. The watchman caught them ziggy-wiggling in the lounge.

get a wiggle on

To hurry or hurry up.
See also: get, on, wiggle
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Wiggle Etape Cymru is part of the Human Race sportive series and takes place in North Wales on September 14.
First formed in 1991, The Wiggles are a global children s phenomenon, achieving huge success with their albums, videos, television series and concert appearances.
Country: UK, Sector: Wholesale/RetailTarget: Wiggle Buyer: Bridgepoint Capital LimitedVendor: ISIS Equity Partners LLPDeal size in USD: 283mType: LBOStatus: ClosedBuyer advisor: Javelin Group, Nomura Holdings Inc, Clifford Chance LLP, KPMG
The six-year-old suffers from a crippling form of cerebral palsy and her legs are so stiff she has never even been able to wiggle her toes.
DOROTHY the Dinosaur, from children's hit TV programme The Wiggles, kept children in Liverpool entertained with her new show.
DOROTHY the Dinosaur, a star of hit children'sTV show The Wiggles, stopped off in Liverpool.
Moran replaced Yellow Wiggle Greg Page, who retired due to a health problem.
Although people miss Page, there's no reason to worry that the two Easter Sunday performances in Eugene will be anything to wiggle a stern finger at.
Fue en esta etapa donde los Wiggles originales se interesan por el y en el 2005 le ofrecen ser el Wiggle Amarillo para la franquicia en espanol que se transmite desde el pasado 30 de abril en el canal por cable Disney Latino, que abarca dieciocho paises, desde Mexico hasta Argentina.
Instead, astronomers look for telltale spots of light that appear to wiggle back and forth slowly as Earth goes around the sun.
Jewels in Sand and Wiggle are each available in custom colors and sizes, with Jewels in Sand also featuring one standard colorway and three standard sizes and Wiggle available in three standard colorways, including taupe, charcoal and green, and three standard sizes.
And the hope is that if you've got some wiggle room when your zipper gets stuck, you might still be able to change clothes and go.
His ability to define issues in terms of wiggle room offered a quick method for referencing where he was certain the Catholic church's teachings landed on sensitive issues.