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wigged out

1. Experiencing some extreme or irrational emotion, especially to such a degree that one loses control of oneself. Hyphenated if used before a noun. I came away from the meeting feeling really wigged out, worrying that I could lose my job. I know she's been wigged out with worry ever since Tommy ran away from home.
2. slang Heavily intoxicated with drugs, to the point of being insensible or out of control. Hyphenated if used before a noun. I was really wigged out on meth at the time, so I'm not entirely sure about what I said or did. A couple of wigged-out junkies came over begging for spare change. You might feel pretty wigged out while you're on these painkillers.
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1. slang Giddy, eccentric, or crazy. I don't want everyone getting wiggy over the news, so let's hold off on making it public knowledge for now. My mom went totally wiggy on me when I told her I was dropping out.
2. slang Aberrant or odd, especially in a suspicious way. There is something wiggy going on with my account. I hope it hasn't been hacked! The computer started acting all wiggy, like it had a virus or something.
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wigged (out)

and wiggy
1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. The kid got a little wigged and slipped under the table.
2. mod. having lost control of oneself; having flipped one’s wig. After she heard the bad news, she was totally wigged out.
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