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and wiff-sniffer
n. a prohibitionist; someone always alert for the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath. (Prohibition.) No wiff-sniffer is going to tell me what to do.


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Meezan Bank President Irfan Siddiqui called WIFF 2018 a unique conference that would bring together researchers, academicians and practitioners for generating innovative ideas to expand Islamic finance through innovation, use of fintechs and regulations.
AHMED ALI SIDDIQUI: WIFF 2018 aims to deliberate on the future outlook for the global Islamic Finance industry in light of rapidly changing market dynamics, driven by technological developments and growing need for innovative products to cater to upcoming sectors.
With 80 films in selection, 20% additional capacity and some 50,000 viewers expected, WIFF is now the largest festival in Poland.
Finance Minister of Pakistan Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar inaugurated WIFF 2016, with a visionary address by Honorable Shaikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani.
Closer interaction between industry and centers like CEIF and WIFF is critical in making Islamic Finance and Banking successful in Pakistan.
Laundry Liquid; Washer Wiffs room spray; A Wink & A Smile Washer Wiffs and Laundry Liquid; Coastal Strawberry Scentsy bar, circle, and spray; Bahahaha emoji + Oodles of Orange Fragrance Buddy Clip; Cool Warmer; Go, Go, Mango Laundry Liquid and Washer Whiffs; Ocean Scentsy bar, circle, and spray; Suri the Seahorse Scentsy Buddy.