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and wiff-sniffer
n. a prohibitionist; someone always alert for the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath. (Prohibition.) No wiff-sniffer is going to tell me what to do.


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To commemorate International Women's Day, WIFF also organizedg an Open Mic Night (after the film screening).
This event aims to enhance these skills and give our filmmakers a platform to display their work on an international forum, said the organizers of WIFF which is a community that caters to women specifically.
IBA Dean and Director Dr Farrukh Iqbal said research papers and presentation of case studies at WIFF 2018 would focus on areas crucial for the expansion of Islamic finance industry.
Chris and Sam MacKenzie-Grieve have opened their Wiff Waff bar in the seaside It takes its title from one of the first names of the game.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish director Orhan Tekeoy-lu's debut feature "Euyle Sevdim ki Seni" (I Love You So Much) will be featured next month at the ninth edition of the Women's International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) in Miami.
It's not ping pong, it's not the wiff waff that Boris Johnson is so keen to promote.
Deanna Wiff, Mary Goldberg, and Michelle Sporner finished top three for the women, while Jack Mill, Lucas Paszek, and Mike Komara were the top finishers in the youth division.
It was originally called Wiff Waff but both definitions work.
The show - which starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin (and an all-star cast as villains, most notably Burgess Meredith as The Penguin, Cesar Romero as The Joker and, perhaps most famously, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt in succession as Catwoman) - was goofy and highly quotable, forever tainting newspaper stories with "Wiff! Bam!
Mr Johnson then took on a local youngster at table tennis - which he once famously insisted was originally called "wiff waff".
Wiff WAFF, as Boris Johnson, Lord Mayor of London, announced to the Olympic hosts in Beijing in 2008, had 'returned home'.
Nevada (US), Mar 14 (ANI): Fifth Women's International Film and Arts Festival (WIFF) at Miami (USA) from March 26 to April three will celebrate India with exhibition of India-focused films on March 29, according to reports.
Thomas; to lead the cart "whan Iohn martyns wiff [d] was in troble"--i.e., carting (2:598); to transport various knights, ambassadors, and masters of horse; to be shoed; to be hired; to be fed; to carry messengers; and to service numerous civic errands such as 12d paid "for A horse for .william.
"The next three years should bring a change in WIFF positioning on the map of festival.