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weenie wagger

rude slang A male exhibitionist who exposes his genitals to other people in public; a flasher. I heard that one of the teachers was arrested for being a weenie wagger. A: "You be careful when you're up in New York City, you hear? The place is crawling with junkies and weenie waggers!" B: "Chill out, Mom. You've been watching too much TV."
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1. informal A frankfurter. Cooking wienies on the barbecue will always make me think of summertime as a kid. We're going to cook some wienies over an open fire, then roast marshmallows for dessert!
2. slang A weak, cowardly, or otherwise contemptible person. Don't be such a wienie, Richard. The boss won't even know that we left the office! A: "I'm telling the teacher what you said!" B: "Oh, you're a real wienie, you know that?"
3. vulgar slang A childish term for a penis. Billy got in trouble for showing his wienie to some of the kids in his class. Apparently, the senator had been sending pictures of his wienie to women he worked with.
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and wienie
1. n. a stupid and inept male. Tell that stupid weenie to get himself over here and get back to work.
2. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his weenie and ran for the bedroom.
3. n. an earnest student. That weenie keeps getting As and raising the grade scale.


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I am an old-style Southern cook but a break from cooking a pot roast or kraut and wienies at home is appreciated at The Feedmill Restaurant.
The victims, ahem, authors, interviewed are Lisa Yee (LY), author of Warp Speed, in which the epic question of which is superior, Star Wars or Star Trek is asked; Don Calame (DC) whose debut YA novel Swim the Fly, enticed reluctant male readers, as well as avid female readers, with the story of the summer three fifteen-year-old swimmers set a seemingly impossible challenge for themselves; David Lubar (DL), king of one-liners and the hilarious Wienies series of off-the-wall creepily humorous short stories; and Libba Bray (LB) whose Printz award-winning novel, Going Bovine, proves that funny can be literary.
This morning, on his television program "Cavuto on Business," Neal Cavuto summed up in one word what perfectly describes the entire lot of the Republican presidential candidates: "wienies." His entire panel, consisting of four Republicans and one Democrat, chuckled but agreed.
This is the story of how Disney drew on the experience of his Californian Disneyland to devise a community, never realized, in which every aspect of life including language was controlled and designed; in which splendid neologisms such as 'edutainment', 'utilidors' (underground service passages), 'wienies' (principal local attractions) and 'plussing' (making thin gs work better) were coined; and where futuristic PeopleMovers were to whizz visitors around radially planned sites with exemplary safety and efficiency.
The spaghetti is quite tasty, along with the Salisbury steak and the sliced wienies in ketchup.
For campground cuisine several notches above blackened wienies and a can of beans, backpackers and RVers can turn to this 26-ounce unit from Boulder's Backpacker's Pantry, a division of American Outdoor Products Inc.
At a recent revue, she's reported to have brought the house down with her rumba." And a suggestion for wiener roasts in June 1940: "Invitations cut out of construction paper in the form of mustard pots or wienies or some other appropriate symbol are cute and easy to make and are worthy items to be kept in scrap books."
On the other hand, beans and wienies aren't exactly a cheery prospect, either.
What happened to good old burned wienies and warm beans?