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wide awake

Totally awake and/or alert. I'm exhausted today because I was wide awake until 3 AM, ugh. Don't worry, I'm wide awake to the possible repercussions of this decision.
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wide of the mark

1. Literally, far from hitting a target. Wow, that shot was really wide of the mark. Is the ball even still on the green? Watch out, that arrow is going wide of the mark!
2. By extension, inaccurate or wrong. I never once said that! Your reporter is completely wide of the mark in her accusations. I thought I knew what real estate costs around here, but wow, I was wide of the mark.
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wide open

1. Literally, completely open, as of a door or window. No wonder it's drafty in here—the window is wide open!
2. Having many possible outcomes or options available. With so many outstanding teams in the playoffs this year, the field is wide open. Now that you have your degree, the future's wide open to you!
3. slang In sports, far away from defenders and available to easily receive a pass. Come on, pass it to me, I'm wide open! Didn't you see that your receiver was wide open?
4. Going very fast; at full speed. We were wide open, man, and he passed us like we were parked. He must have been doing 120!
5. Extremely vulnerable to something. Not having a disclaimer leaves you wide open to lawsuits. The military officials knew that pulling out would leave the country wide open to civil war.
6. slang To be overrun with crime. Our city used to be wide open, until the new police commissioner started getting criminals off the streets.
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mod. drug intoxicated. How’d you get so wide, man? What are you on?
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Wasn't Buchanan the one who, just before India went to Australia in 2007, suggested that Sachin Tendulkar was vulnerable to the short ball and so the Aussie quickies should bowl two successive bouncers and follow it up with a widish driveable delivery and Tendulkar with his so-called slow reflexes would spoon a catch in the backward point gully area?
But in the very next over he edged a widish delivery from Edwards to first slip.
He took 11 balls to get off the mark, hit a couple of nice boundaries and then slashed at a widish Heath Streak delivery which was well taken at first slip by Sean Ervine.
Goodwin (21) was beaten by Sanath Jayasuriya's direct hit at the non-striker's end, then Flower's innings of 42 off 69 balls ended when he aimed an attempted cut at a widish delivery from Wickremasinghe and was caught behind.
The fourth-wicket partnership was worth 139 when he slashed a widish delivery from Caddick to Ben Phillips at gully.
Smith pouched the slip catch to bring in Pietersen, and he and Alastair Cook set out to play for lunch only for Cook to waft at a short widish one and Mark Boucher accepted the gift.
An elegant straight drive off Anyon yesterday was followed by the most perfect cut and it was some surprise when, one short of a double-century, he drove at a widish delivery which swung back a little and gave an inside edge to Frost.
In the 13th over left-handed Dawid Malan drove at a widish delivery from Kabir and edged behind.
Fellow opener Billy Godleman also only made a single before chasing a widish delivery from Cork and presenting Flintoff with a comfortable chance at first slip.
Trescothick was caught at slip driving at a widish ball from Mascarenhas and Langer was legbefore to Chris Tremlett.
Devon Smith lazily prodded at a Thilan Mirando delivery and edged behind in the 20th over, before the paceman lured Marlon Samuels into wafting at another widish delivery which he thick-edged behind.
Bravo, bowling unchanged from before lunch until after tea, then had A B De Villiers pushing at a widish delivery and caught behind.
Powell ended the partnership when Prince drove at a widish delivery and was caught by Runako Morton at second slip.
Vaughan was dismissed chasing a widish delivery from debutant left-armer Chanaka Welegedara in the 19th over of the day - a sliced drive was well held by Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene at second slip.
Three overs later part-time off-spinner Jean-Paul Duminy had Yousuf slashing at a widish delivery to be caught behind off his own first ball and the first to be bowled after the second drinks break.