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Women in the region are most likely to be on a diet, but still had the widest waists.
Mississippi and Louisiana share the rank of having the widest disparity, followed by Texas, New Mexico and New York.
high-power direct broadcast satellite (DBS) operators and the only one with a Christian mission and purpose, carrying the widest variety of Christian-inspirational channels available through cable or satellite.
Going beyond traditional advertising mediums to engage valuable and hard-to-reach gamer demographics, Double Fusion provides the widest range of in-game advertising and marketing programs available on the market.
the UK's leading price search and comparison site -- is a leading, independent travel price search and comparison site, publishing the most diverse range of flight deals and featuring the widest selection of travel companies that sell them.
As a direct lender, Bryco matches competitive loan programs with the widest array of homeowner needs on the market.
With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven technology across a variety of product lines, Chipidea offers the widest breadth of intellectual property solutions for the world's multi-function integrated circuit industry.
Double Fusion is committed to offering its advertiser and agency partners the widest array of advertising opportunities available from any in-game advertising company, to maximizing revenues for its publisher and developer partners, and to building a portfolio of top titles among retail PC and console games, massively multiplayer online games, casual downloadable games, and advanced online games.
is to offer a diverse portfolio of quality brands that meets the widest range of consumers' fashion needs.
Network Director[TM] - providing mediation and tolerance capabilities, ensuring that services can be consumed by the widest possible range of applications
It also enables greater integration flexibility by providing the widest selection of microprocessor interfaces.
Massive Library of Virus Definitions Casts Industry's Widest Safety Net Against Daily Deluge of IT Security Threats
This ensures that IPTV operators can use IntAct with the widest range of middleware, conditional access, silicon, head-end system and browser technology.
5B and YJ13x6B Series 2/3-Inch SD Lenses Feature Widest Focal Lengths, Highest Zoom Ratios, Fastest Zoom Speeds, IFpro Technology, Shuttle Shot, and More
This unique laser light source offers an expanded color depth and the widest color gamut possible from any display source, including LED-lighted displays.