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wide awake

Totally awake and/or alert. I'm exhausted today because I was wide awake until 3 AM, ugh. Don't worry, I'm wide awake to the possible repercussions of this decision.
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wide of the mark

1. Literally, far from hitting a target. Wow, that shot was really wide of the mark. Is the ball even still on the green? Watch out, that arrow is going wide of the mark!
2. By extension, inaccurate or wrong. I never once said that! Your reporter is completely wide of the mark in her accusations. I thought I knew what real estate costs around here, but wow, I was wide of the mark.
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wide open

1. Literally, completely open, as of a door or window. No wonder it's drafty in here—the window is wide open!
2. Having many possible outcomes or options available. With so many outstanding teams in the playoffs this year, the field is wide open. Now that you have your degree, the future's wide open to you!
3. slang In sports, far away from defenders and available to easily receive a pass. Come on, pass it to me, I'm wide open! Didn't you see that your receiver was wide open?
4. Going very fast; at full speed. We were wide open, man, and he passed us like we were parked. He must have been doing 120!
5. Extremely vulnerable to something. Not having a disclaimer leaves you wide open to lawsuits. The military officials knew that pulling out would leave the country wide open to civil war.
6. slang To be overrun with crime. Our city used to be wide open, until the new police commissioner started getting criminals off the streets.
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mod. drug intoxicated. How’d you get so wide, man? What are you on?
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References in classic literature ?
453-491) But Rhea was subject in love to Cronos and bare splendid children, Hestia (18), Demeter, and gold-shod Hera and strong Hades, pitiless in heart, who dwells under the earth, and the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker, and wise Zeus, father of gods and men, by whose thunder the wide earth is shaken.
And Atlas through hard constraint upholds the wide heaven with unwearying head and arms, standing at the borders of the earth before the clear-voiced Hesperides; for this lot wise Zeus assigned to him.
'Oh, go with me,' said the master; 'if we six are together, we shall easily travel through the wide world.
She op'nd, but to shut Excel'd her power; the Gates wide op'n stood, That with extended wings a Bannerd Host Under spread Ensigns marching might pass through With Horse and Chariots rankt in loose array; So wide they stood, and like a Furnace mouth Cast forth redounding smoak and ruddy flame.
I upon my Frontieres here Keep residence; if all I can will serve, That little which is left so to defend Encroacht on still through our intestine broiles Weakning the Scepter of old Night: first Hell Your dungeon stretching far and wide beneath; Now lately Heaven and Earth, another World Hung ore my Realm, link'd in a golden Chain To that side Heav'n from whence your Legions fell: If that way be your walk, you have not farr; So much the neerer danger; goe and speed; Havock and spoil and ruin are my gain.
On my view this question can easily be answered; for no terrestrial mammal can be transported across a wide space of sea, but bats can fly across.
It occurred to me that land-shells, when hybernating and having a membranous diaphragm over the mouth of the shell, might be floated in chinks of drifted timber across moderately wide arms of the sea.
What cause can have altered, in a wide, uninhabited, and rarely-visited country, the range of an animal like this?
The Colorado, at the pass where we crossed it, is only about sixty yards wide; generally it must be nearly double that width.
I would gladly do more, but voices are calling me far and wide, and I cannot stay."
So she went sorrowfully on, till Winter, riding on the strong North-Wind, came rushing by, with a sparkling ice-crown in his streaming hair, while from beneath his crimson cloak, where glittering frost-work shone like silver threads, he scattered snow-flakes far and wide.
Though my eyes and ears had been wide open during my audience with the jeddak and my various passages through the palace, I had seen or heard nothing of Dejah Thoris or Thuvia of Ptarth.
It was a gorgeous train that accompanied the visiting jeddak, and for miles it stretched along the wide, white road to Kaol.
And do you know, when these politicians swing wide the doors and come in, with their broad shoulders, their deep chests, and their generous stomachs which cannot help making them optimists and masters of life, why, you perk right up.
Then she turned her wide eyes to the bare wall, the bare floor, the bare windows.