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cast (one's) net wider

To broaden one's search or criteria for something, thus giving oneself more options. A: "I don't know why John has only applied to Ivy League schools when he only has average grades." B: "I know, I've told him to cast his net wider."
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cast your net wider


cast the net wider

COMMON If you cast your net wider or cast the net wider, you include a larger number of people or things, especially when considering or choosing someone or something. The easiest way to find members is through friends of friends but if you want to cast the net wider, put an ad in your local bookshop. We will cast the net wider to look at other factors too. Note: You can also say that you cast your net wide, meaning that you include a large number of people or things. Clarke, as director of training, decided to cast the net wide in the search for the best candidates. England's selectors have been careful to cast their net wide to prepare for the World Cup. Note: The verb spread is sometimes used instead of cast. Ferguson advised him to spread the net wide in his search for players. Police had searched the local area and found nothing so they were spreading their net wider.
See also: cast, net, wider
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We need to encourage wider engagement and the open and welcome involvement of us all.
Also reborn was the demand for wider format inline presses that could capitalize on this growing demand for flexible packaging.
In many ways, although he died tragically young, Richard had reached a certain pinnacle through his work in the practice, and the greatest loss in terms of his potential future contributions will be sustained by the wider world beyond.
The co-op arrangement can provide smaller companies with access to a wider network of parts and access to other helpful information, while still allowing company owners to remain independent.
There is clearly a need for the repertories identified by Kendrick to be collected and published in modern editions so that this music can be heard by a wider audience.
Mr Verheugen said he intended to visit "most" of the fourteen countries covered by the Wider Europe initiative, following visits already made to Ukraine and Israel.
Through the strengthening of their cooperative relationship, Samsung and Sony aim to expand the Memory Stick business and secure Memory Stick's position within the memory card market while providing customers with a wider range of products.
But one thing IS very clear: Wider membranes have placed the integrity of the roofing system squarely on the shoulders of the roof deck and its attachment method.
The preferred die has small merge angles and wider passages immediately after two layers join.
The fullback is used to kick out the backside end and create a wider cutback opportunity for the ball-carrier.
Wider argues that for Descartes, Locke, Kant, and Sartre all consciousness is self-consciousness.
Other major companies have recast themselves as e-firms, hoping to reach wider audiences.
The Board believes that modern global financial markets call for permitting financial organizations to operate over a wider range of activities.
They reflect some of the challenges of wider geographical choice, in terms of the range of archives that must be consulted.