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Reed acknowledged that the platform language is widely seen as permitting no exceptions, but he said, ``It's been taken to mean that quite erroneously.
But the notion of a widely distributed memory system, he says, takes into account the fact that messages in the central nervous system do not travel a straight path; each neuron typically receives information from many surrounding neurons and transmits messages to many other neurons, including some or all of those from which it receives input.
Kyngdon has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals.
Today, ZIP is one of the most widely used standards in the world," said Jim Peterson, chief scientist at PKWARE.
As the most widely adopted reading measure in use today, the Lexile Framework provides a common scale for matching reader ability and text difficulty, allowing easy monitoring of student progress and ensuring reading comprehension.
Initiate Identity Hub(TM) software is the most accurate, scalable, rapidly implemented and widely deployed customer data integration solution for organizations that want to create complete, real-time views of data from all applications and data sources.
This full C-band widely tunable transponder dramatically cuts the total cost of ownership by reducing the number of transponder spare parts needed from 40/80 to one, as a single transponder can replace any working transponder in the commonly used ITU-T grid.
As one of the most widely deployed SCADA communications protocols in the electrical utility industry, unsecured DNP3 networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can cause severe disruptions to the Nation's power distribution and have incalculable effects on the economy.
E[acute accent]--Lauren Stiller Rikleen of Boston law firm, Bowditch and Dewey, who has been widely recognized for advancing women's success in a male-dominated legal field and for authoring the newly released book, "Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Law Firm Barriers to Women's Success.
produces widely read blogs including Engadget, Joystiq, Blogging Baby, Luxist, and Gadling.
Although several tests serve as markers for disease progression, novel diagnostics that can monitor disease progression in individual patients and measure clinically meaningful markers will be widely adopted by physicians to optimally manage the disease and minimize drug failures.
Indeed, ELISA is the assay used most widely to detect or diagnose virus infection, especially infection of blood-borne viruses, including HBV, HCV, HIV and HTLV, whose sensitivity and practicability have rendered it the most common primary screening assay.
Holmes lectures widely on patent licensing and is the author of the widely-read treatise "Patent Licensing: Strategy, Negotiation and Forms.
Its NF browser, widely recognized as one of the most advanced Internet browsers in the world, is a cornerstone to the company's vision of enabling Internet access anywhere and on any device.
Ponte's technology, integrated with widely used physical design tools, provides compelling solution for designers anticipating hitting the proverbial design-for-manufacturing (DFM) wall.