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1) The Widely Held Exemption would not be available to Canco, regardless of whether Canco had a tax avoidance motive in acquiring the US LLC interests.
Thermocouples are widely used for temperature measurement; strain gages and transducers for pressure.
His support - never explicit, but widely perceived among Christian voters - was seen as crucial in Dole's decisive victory in the South Carolina primary in March, which stopped Buchanan's insurgent candidacy.
But the notion of a widely distributed memory system, he says, takes into account the fact that messages in the central nervous system do not travel a straight path; each neuron typically receives information from many surrounding neurons and transmits messages to many other neurons, including some or all of those from which it receives input.
6 million common shares, issued and outstanding, are widely held by Canadian and U.
0, published in 1999, is widely deployed on Web servers and in browsers and is an important part of today's business and engineering infrastructure.
SMBIOS is a widely implemented, underlying technology that plays an integral role in distributed management," said Winston Bumpus, president, DMTF.
Recognized as the most widely adopted reading measure in use today, Lexiles are part of reading and testing programs at the district, state and federal levels.
ZIP is the most widely used method for data compression on Windows, UNIX, Linux, i5/OS, z/OS and other computing platforms.
Initiate Identity Hub(TM) software is the most accurate, scalable, rapidly implemented and widely deployed customer data integration solution for organizations that want to create complete, real-time views of data from all applications and data sources.
PETAH TIKVA, Israel -- ECI Telecom (NASDAQ: ECIL), a leading provider of advanced communication solutions and Civcom, a manufacturer of Opto-electronic components, modules and subsystems, today announced the world's first compact 10Gbps widely tunable transponder designed to bring significant cost and performance benefits to both metropolitan area and long haul ROADM networks.
The Datacryptor SA now supports the DNP3 protocol widely used by many electric utilities.
Nixon Peabody LLP, one of the largest multi-practice law firms in the United States, is principal sponsor of the 2006 Diversity Conference, widely considered the most significant diversity conference in the nation.
These blogs will focus obsessively on what average investors care about most, giving readers an interactive platform to get behind the headlines and exchange insights on some of the most widely held and talked about companies.
Diagnostics are widely used in initial diagnosis as well as in determining therapeutic options and monitoring disease progression in patients.