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wicked tongue

The tendency to speak maliciously. Watch out for Ben—he has a wicked tongue and will probably say something upsetting before the night is over, Can't you say anything nice? You have such a wicked tongue!
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(there's) no peace/rest for the wicked

The lack of peace in one's life, or the perpetual need to be working or be busy, stems from one's sinfulness. The phrase comes from the Bible and is now usually used jocularly. He may have been acquitted of those crimes, but he will not go unpunished. There's no peace for the wicked. A: "You working late again, Stan?" B: "No rest for the wicked."
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have (one's) wicked way with (someone)

slang To have sexual intercourse with someone. Did you really have your wicked way with that hot chick from the bar? Is that why you never came home last night?
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No rest for the wicked.

Fig. It's because you are wicked that you have to work hard. (Usually jocular.) A: I can't seem to ever get all my work done. B: No rest for the wicked.
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there's no rest for the wicked


no rest for the wicked

People use there's no rest for the wicked or no rest for the wicked to say humorously that they or someone else has a lot to do. There's no rest for the wicked. I have to get back to Manchester. Note: People also sometimes use peace instead of rest. Elizabeth called his name. `Oh dear, no peace for the wicked,' he said.
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no peace (or rest) for the wicked

someone's heavy workload or lack of tranquillity is punishment for a sinful life. humorous
This expression comes from Isaiah 48:22: ‘There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked’.
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there’s no peace/rest for the ˈwicked

(usually humorous) used when somebody is complaining that they have a lot of work to do: Well, it’s been nice talking to you, but I really must go. No rest for the wicked!
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mod. excellent; impressive; cool. (Also in compounds, wicked smart, wicked cool, etc.) Now this is what I call a wicked guitar.

wicked bad

mod. really quite good. (Bad has a long history of being used as an intensifier. Wicked here is a synonym of the intensifier bad.) Man, this stuff is wicked bad.
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no rest for the wicked

Perpetual torment. We are told in Isaiah 57:21 that “there is no peace, saith my God to the wicked.” The phrase is often said as “no rest for the weary” and heard as a mild complaint in labor-intensive situations.
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We pray: Let sinners be redeemed, and let wickedness be no more.
The land of Illmoor, filled with towns called Phlegm and Dullitch, is not for the faint-hearted traveler; but it has its charms, since most of the citizenry is so ineffectual at their thieving and wickedness as to be laughable.
Kaspar has no plans to travel with his hosts, but like them he touched the armor and no longer is free; the wickedness inside the armor controls Kaspar though he fights it with his every breath.
God intended to wipe out all of mankind due to their wickedness and ignorance.
In this deceptively short book, Robert Jenson takes up six notions that we need when discussing ourselves as human: death, consciousness, freedom, reality, wickedness, and love.
Together they get their fill of bars and immorality until Easter's guilt consumes her and she finds herself standing at the church altar asking for forgiveness for her wickedness.
Never," exclaimed Postumius, "has there been so much wickedness in this commonwealth, never wickedness affecting so many people, nor manifesting itself in so many ways.
Dafina Books/Kensington Publishing, ISBN 1-575-66909-9) Weber's fourth book is a nonstop mix of jealousy and wickedness featuring Wil Duncan and his "scandalous" brother Trent.
Like the musical Wicked, he shows that some people have wickedness thrust upon them--and he has a sinfully good time writing about them.
It may mean confronting spiritual and earthly wickedness in high places.
In early America, the inmate was seen as a sinner and the cure for his wickedness was to expose him to massive doses of Scripture.
Wickedness has its roots in individual human hearts.
Because this little box of wickedness flouts convention and sticks two very rude fingers up to lots of much more expensive cars on the road.
But such minor examples of wickedness can be excused on the grounds that ignorance and stupidity trump wickedness.
Isaac said: When Resh Lakish began to expound [the subject of] Sotah, he spoke thus: They only pair a woman with a man according to his deeds; as it is said, For the sceptre of wickedness shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous.