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get on (one's) wick

To irritate or annoy one. Primarily heard in UK. The kids are really getting on my wick today with their constant fighting. I'm not trying to get on mom's wick, but every little thing seems to bother her today.
See also: get, on, wick

dip (one's) wick

vulgar slang Of a man, to have sexual intercourse. In the phrase, "wick" is used as a slang term for a penis.
See also: dip, wick

get on someone's wick

If someone or something gets on your wick, they annoy you. After three or four songs that voice really gets on my wick. Note: `Wick' comes from `Hampton Wick', cockney rhyming slang for `prick'. `Prick' is a slang term for penis, which many people find offensive.
See also: get, on, wick

dip your wick

(of a man) have sexual intercourse. vulgar slang
See also: dip, wick

get on someone's wick

annoy someone. British informal
See also: get, on, wick

get on somebody’s ˈwick

(British English, informal) annoy somebody: She’s always talking about herself — she gets on my wick.
See also: get, on, wick
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