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It's unclear who codified the 5 Whys, A press statement released by Toyota itself states that Taiichi Oh no pioneered the technique, while other sources attribute its development to Sakichi Toyoda.
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Mima's Young People's Co-ordinator, Helen Wickens, said: "The Wonder Whys is not only a way to make great friends, it's also an opportunity for young people to work with established artists and gain exclusive experience of working with a range of exciting local projects.
The whys, on the other hand, can effortlessly visualize where they want to be but struggle to find the discipline to get there.
Under the RTI Act, petitioners can't know the whys of acourt decision.
Finally, a great article about marketing: the hows and whys of marketing something and making it work in the digital age.
The Xs and whys of algebra; key ideas and common misconceptions.
Throughout the class, their instructors explain the how and whys of the Gerson diet.
For reasons known only to middleaged male scriptwriters, she gives Jesse spontaneous hugs and sends him classical music mix-tapes along with handwritten letters discussing the whys and wherefores of James Joyce.
The first fall in top grades in the 26-year history of GCSEs, particularly in English, is a mystery deserving a forensic inquiry to discover the whys of the sudden reverse.
But whatever the whys and wherefores, Morbid Angel still kill it live.
Master Composters teach others the hows and whys of composting.)
Whatever the source of this purpose, it's abundantly clear that we will need a lot of strong whys to conquer today's hows:
"But I found out a few months ago, completely by mistake, that I'd been ill, and I don't want to go into the whys and wherefores.
Time has a nasty tendency to leave the whys of the matter unanswered.