why not

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why not

Yes, because there is no good reason to say no. A: "Would you like another glass of wine?" B: "Sure, why not?"
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Why not?

1. Lit. Please explain your negative answer. Mother: No, you can't. Mary: Why not? Sue: Could I have another piece of cake? Mary: No. Sue: Why not? Mary: I want it.
2. . Inf. I cannot think of a reason not to, so yes. Bob: You want to go to see a movie next Friday? Jane: Why not? Fred: Do you feel like wandering over to the bowling alley? Tom: Why not?
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ˌwhy ˈnot?

(informal) used to make a suggestion, or agree to a suggestion: ‘Why not go and see a movie?’ ‘OK.’‘Let’s go and see a movie.’ ‘OK, why not?’
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References in classic literature ?
As I always say to Mother, why not have something pretty to look at, if you have anything at all?
Why not indeed--with that delicate complexion and those beautiful blue eyes; with the glorious golden hair that rests on his shoulders, and the glossy beard that flows over his breast?
Instead of wasting time and money in trying to trace a stranger, why not tell Mr.
Why not lie down and rest myself, and try to quench the fever that consumes me, in sleep?
Archie's such a bully good fellow, why not give him a benefit?
If this was the intention, why not leave it, in the first instance, to what is alleged to be the natural operation of the original clause, conferring a general power of taxation upon the Union?
Why not ask them why Al Wefaq boycotted democratic elections?
8 Get your local community involved Again why not shout about the great work your group undertakes
30pm on Wednesday, July 7 to talk to customers about my love of gardening and gardening books as well as answering any gardening questions - why not call in for a chat - you might find just the gardening book you have been looking for and you will be helping a worthy charity at the same time.
The North Wales trains (via Earlestown) are about that length, albeit three carriages long and are staffed by one train driver and one guard, so why not Merseyrail?
Why not tax the entire population and make it easier on everybody?
Where drugs may not be available, why not use the natural approach to curb postpartum bleeding, namely, encourage breast-feeding?
So why not be all three, why not be a Hindu, a Muslim and a Christian?
Why not say the opposite, that they should be kept separate.
IF she enjoys gardening, why not treat her to a short course in flower arranging?