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Why, to give pleasure is ALWAYS of use; and, as for barbarous, unlimited power--even if it be only over a fly--why, it is a kind of luxury.
"Why should you think that I am going to let you off?
Why, for a mere fancy, should I go and insult a woman?"
"Then, with all the machinery we've got now, why don't we get more?"
Why the doctor had given it to him was more than I could fancy.
Why, you'd HAVE to come when he rubbed it, whether you wanted to or not."
Why haven't you been?" she turned on the prince suddenly.
Why, cannot you see that they are all infatuated with pride and vanity?"
That's why she is anxious for you to come to the house.
"Why, I--suppose so, if you want to," permitted Mrs.
"Why, 'twould be kind of hard--to do it then, wouldn't it?" she mused aloud.
"Why, mother--the curtain is up!" cried Milly, dividing her amazed stare between the window and the pink in her mother's hair.
"Why, n-no, of course not," rejoined Milly, in hasty conciliation, as she reached for the medicine bottle.
Why fire subordinates by texts and tweets instead of face-to-face?
Why did she declare before the JBC that her SALNs were irretrievable?