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Athanasian wench

obsolete A derogatory term for a lascivious woman who readily has sex with any man who asks for it. Taken from the Athanasian Creed, an early Christian statement of belief from at least the 6th century, the opening words of which are quicunque vult , or "whosoever wishes." Sir, how dare you. I am not one of your Athanasian wenches, ready to indulge your lust at a moment's notice!

attention whore

A derogatory term for someone who seeks attention in desperate, obvious, or inappropriate ways. Although it is gender neutral, it is more often used against women. Why do you always act that way at parties? It's like you're an attention whore or something.
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link whore

Internet slang (possibly offensive) A person who makes constant and conspicuous efforts to drive Internet traffic to their own webpage by posting links to it across other areas of the Internet. There are so many link whores filling this forum with garbage posts that it's become nearly unreadable.
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link whoring

Internet slang (possibly offensive) The practice of making constant and conspicuous efforts to drive Internet traffic to one's own webpage by posting links to it across other areas of the Internet. The link whoring that goes on in this forum has made it nearly unreadable in recent times.
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Once a priest, always a priest,

 and Once a whore, always a whore.
Prov. A person who has done a certain kind of job will always have the characteristics of people who do that job, even after he or she no longer does that kind of work. (This can be applied to many different occupations.) Alan: My cousin left the clergy, but boy! He still preaches at me all the time. Jane: Once a priest, always a priest, huh?
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whore out

1. Slang To make someone's services available in a way that compromises one's principles for personal gain: In order to earn money, the Shakespearean actor whored himself out to amusement parks. The literary agency whored out its talent to ghostwrite books.
2. Vulgar Slang To make someone's body available for sexual relations in exchange for payment.
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and puck bunny
n. a kind of groupie that follows hockey players. (Puck bunny is a play on fuck bunny.) She doesn’t like the game, she’s just a hockey-whore. Just a cheap, skanky puck bunny, that’s her!
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Although they are computer savvy, the PR Whores do not claim to perform SEO services, build web sites or manage Google AdWords campaigns.
In Roxana, Defoe chooses a Restoration setting and a protagonist who calls herself a Protestant whore because, Conway argues, he refuses to uncouple religious interiority from the political repression that opposes it, economic modernity from the potentially tyrannical monarchy that oversees its institutions.
After producing under many different pseudonyms, including the Disco Darlings and Flaunted D Js, Hoxton Whores - named after the area they are from - won out.
Gays are thought to be whores because in other people's eyes they're only looking to have sex.
48) As sureties for suspected whores, or as defendants themselves, the men in the Westminster recognizances illustrate the restrictions placed upon them because of the reformers' actions against the brothels.
One could hardly imagine a more thorough and judicious survey of the scholarship on gender in the period than Whores of Babylon supplies.
In The Whores of Babylon, Frances Dolan surveys anti-Catholic polemic and propaganda to find recurrent patterns in which seventeenth-century English anxieties about the threats posed by English Catholics are bound up to deeply rooted anxieties about female agency at every level of culture, from the bedroom to the council chamber.
Softing points out that all three of the whores in The Bluest Eye laugh with their whole bodies, from the depths of being, constituting "true carnivalesque" in "a novel which, on the whole, is not filled with the liberating force of laughter" (88).
it was he who found her body, was questioned (although he spoke almost no English), and was released to the Chinese side of town where on his own he warned the Chinese whores of his discovery.
THE anonymous The Costlie Whore, printed in 1633, was dated 1613 by A.
Gail Pheterson explains, "As a feminist, I know my freedom is limited as long as whores are stigrnatized and criminalized.
WOMEN and girls as young as 14 were branded whores by an internet troll who posted hundreds of semi-nude snaps on Facebook.
London, July 11 (ANI): Adolf Hitler ordered sex dolls for his troops, as many of them were catching sex diseases from French whores, author Graeme Donald has discovered.
In one, she said Mrs Love "seemed to think it was up to everyone else to work their butts off to keep her while she lies on her backside and whores her keep.
Astrid, Juli, and Thisbe, all age 15, are known around town as the Whores on the Hill, the sluts of Sacred Heart, bad girls who will do anything.