whopping great

whopping (great)

mod. enormous. What a whopping fool he is!
See also: great, whopping
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Most people will still see a whopping great cut coming their way.
This is an innovative project and one that we hope will catapult 'Griffin and Sabine', 'Sabine's Notebook' and 'The Golden Mean' into the electronic age, whilst keeping faithfully to the cards and letters that made the originals such whopping great best sellers.
She's certainly sitting on a whopping great secret and seems not afraid to use it to get Shirley to do exactly what she wants.
It seems David Caterpillar, George Ostrich, Iain Duncan Silkworm and their associated sideboard members only went and missed a whopping great loophole when they were putting their idea to charge people who had a spare room (their life didn't depend on), down on paper.
I am not quite sure if my bedroom is in rose pink or salmon pink, two of the four principal colour schemes for the 133 guest rooms, but it is very regal, with in 2014 lovely high ceilings, giltwork, a grand picture mirror, antique plates about TRAVEL in Swiss hotelier Cesar and bowls and a whopping great bathroom in which I'd happily live.
We can't all boast whopping great windows like these, but pale recesses will help reflect light into the room.
We can't all boast whopping great windows, like these, but pale recesses and sills will help reflect light into the room.
No danger to you and a whopping great steak for your trouble.
And Wales is also the nation that gave you subsidies from its government to build your whopping great distribution plant.
It offers all the benefits of being part of a large future chain without that whopping great price tag, and with flexibility as to how you will run your own business.
This led to thousands who had been driving about in a vehicle more than 10 years old suddenly being paid a whopping great subsidy to scrap their old banger and jump behind the wheel of a brand new car.
And it's a whopping great wobbly but - no matter the result, Olympiacos will finish third in Group B.
NO John Smith, Llandegla (Letters, Nov 8) Alex Salmond is not the devil incarnate, he's an outstanding statesman, head and shoulders above the rest, just passed the mark as the longest serving First Minister and returned the SNP to government again with a whopping great majority.
Hours later, she was back to her designer-clad WAG self looking tanned from her Vegas hols in black leather shorts, sleeveless blazer and a whopping great Lanvin eagle necklace.
Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was already looking forward to appointing Brendan Rodgers when he thought his manager was off to the England job with a whopping great compensation settlement heading to White Hart Lane.