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Molly whop (one)

To strike, slap, or slam into one, either once or repeatedly; to wallop one. The term is sometimes hyphenated, and sometimes both, or neither, "Molly" and "whop" are capitalized. I'm gonna Molly-whop you if you don't shut your mouth! The car sped through the red life and Molly Whopped van that had started to drive forward.
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1. adjective, informal Exceptionally or astonishingly large. Sarah's grandfather left her a whopping plot of land in his will. They revealed that their newest smartphone model would cost a whopping $1,200.
2. adverb, informal Used as an intensifier. We sure had a whopping good time at the amusement park! Dad came home with a whopping big turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner.

whopping great

informal Exceptionally or astonishingly large. He had a whopping great bruise on his leg from where he fell off his bike. Dad came home with a whopping great turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner. Don't you think that a whopping great loophole like that needs to be fixed before the legislation goes through?
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whopping (great)

mod. enormous. What a whopping fool he is!
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Under the head, 'Other Expenses', Aniruddh was sanctioned Rs3,41,603 with Rs2.37 lakh earmarked for telephone expenses, taking the total amount to a whopping Rs1,71,58,330.
The rupee today plunged by a whopping 130 paise to hit life-time low of 60 against the US dollar in early trade on the Interbank Foreign Exchange on strong demand for the American currency from banks and importers.
Chefs in Mexico City have made a huge sandwich weighing a whopping 700 kilograms.
AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE: Catering student Martin Hodgson with his whopping Wahoo - a snub-nosed swordfish from the Indian Ocean
Since 2001, when the COP took over the executive branch along with Congress, inflation-adjusted federal outlays have increased a whopping 45 percent.
The AT-AT needs a whopping 600 gallons of diesel fuel for every step it takes and it emits 15 metric tons of exhaust pollution every ten minutes, the equivalent of 12,000 cars.
For the same time period, JEGI also reported that its category of Database Information Services saw an increase in deals from 19 to 22 and value from $277 million to $1.1 billion million--an increase of a whopping 298.1 percent.
A KEEN fisherman was last night celebrating after landing a whopping catch off the North Wales coast.
Originally estimated at a whopping $301 million when it was revealed months ago that the memorial's price tag had inflated to a near project-killing $1 billion, the infrastructure cost was slashed in Sciame's redesign to a more reasonable $178 million through what he said was the use of value engineering methods and by revising the estimate for preserving a section of exposed slurry wall in the memorial's underground area.
This tribute to the incomparable American gay playwright features a whopping eight discs, including a new double-disc edition of A Streetcar Named Desire.
Goodman can pop her eyeballs a whopping 11 millimeters (0.43 inches) beyond her eye sockets.
A three-ounce serving contains a whopping five grams of fiber, and almost no sodium.
Well, a whopping 80 percent of teens surveyed believe money management basics should be a high-school requirement.
In other cheesy news, the now-famous 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich, said to have an image of the Virgin Mary cooked into its exterior and sold for a whopping $28,000 on eBay to an online casino, could be on its way to a venue near you.
The Golden Corral in Baltimore, Md., owned by Hu Odom, led all restaurants in contributions to the DAV with a whopping $20,000 and set the bar more than $7,000 higher than Odom's Norfolk, Va., Golden Corral which led the nation in 2003.